This page lists the references and bibliography, not only for the genealogy databases, but also for the other articles on this website related to the Otoe-Missouria and the Munsee.

Oral History

Although we all have vague remembrances of our ancestors, it was the work of my cousin, Janet Stockey, who ultimately motivated me to make this project a reality. During numerous visits and conversations with our relatives in Oklahoma, she accumulated bits and pieces of oral history, often recorded on napkins and other scraps of paper. When she typed them into a three page outline and gave me a copy, it motivated me to begin this endeavor. When I put the information online, I made some Internet connections, which led to correspondence with several relatives. I want to thank the following cousins for their help: the Clio Caleb Church family, the Linda Plake Sparlin family, Jim Karanikolaou and his family, Maria Deroin Hall, Connie Matheson, the Grinnell family, the Supernaw family, the Spooner family, Amy Dailey, Cynthia Dailey Kipp, Don Childs, Freeman Marlow, Bea Inman, and the Laura Fix family.

My Personal Library

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Internet : Primary Source Material

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Internet : Secondary Source Material

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