Cacapon Resort

Posted By BrokenClaw on July 27, 1998

We spent part of our vacation at Cacapon Resort State Park in West Virginia’s eastern panhandle. We had discovered Cacapon Mountain and the park on a previous trip through the area. After driving around the park and seeing the lake, lodge, and golf course, we decided to make it a vacation destination.

The lodge, with its mountain backdrop, and rooms overlooking the golf course, and the huge porch extending its entire length, is reminiscent of the lodge in the movie, Dirty Dancing, although it was much more relaxed. We were there for three days, which turned out to be three of the hottest days of the summer.

Cacapon Resort

Broken Claw played golf all three days on the championship course, designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr (apparently he’s some famous golf course designer dude). Since the course is cut out of the side of the mountain, with the heat index over 100, Broken Claw was wise to use a golf cart, rather than walking as he usually does. The golf course boasts more than seventy sand traps. On the first day, Broken Claw avoided all but one. On subsequent rounds, he found a few more. Nevertheless, he was quite satisfied with his play. He finished his third round by hitting the 18th green, which is completely surrounded by bunkers, from 180 yards with a 4-iron.

Another interesting feature of the course is a double green, which is shared by the third and seventh holes from opposite directions. The green is an elongated barbell shape, so the two holes don’t really come into play with each other. Probably the most unique aspect, which isn’t mentioned in the brochure or on the website, is the preponderance of deer which stroll and graze about the course, almost oblivious to the golfers! Whether it was a single deer crossing the cart path, or a doe and her fawns tramping through the sand traps, they were definitely part of the game.

Trailwalker spent her time sunbathing at the lake and walking some of the trails (hey, how do you think she got that name?) with her camera in hand. In the evenings we enjoyed our time at the lodge, in the restaurant, the sitting room, the game room, and the porch. We also visited the horses at the stables, although we didn’t go riding. Early one evening we were driving around, and we decided to follow the sign to the Mountain Overlook 4.5 Miles. The sign didn’t mention the fact that the pavement ended about a half mile into the drive!

The gravel road up the mountain got rougher and rougher. With absolutely no place to turn around, we were pretty much committed to the drive once we started. By the time we got to the overlook, which was a dead end of the road, it was getting dark, and the sky was hazy, so the view was less than spectacular. Oh, well.


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