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Posted By BrokenClaw on December 1, 2005

If you just want to copy an individual song, you can send the file directly to your printer, using your browser’s Print button. If you want to make a song sheet with several songs, it’s best to import (or copy and paste) the text files into your regular word processor. Song lyrics tend to be lots of short lines, so I would recommend setting up your page with two columns. If you want to fit the most on a single page, reduce your margins to the minimum. You can also abbreviate repeated phrases and choruses, like the Fa-la-las in Deck the Halls and the chorus in We Three Kings. I reduced The Twelve Days of Christmas to less than twenty lines. While you may want to make the print as small as possible, keep in mind who will be reading it, so don’t make the font size too small.

Christmas Carols Book

This image represents an actual page from my own song book. (Test your eyes and try to identify each song.) I spent a lot of time formatting the songs and adjusting the lines and margins in order to fit as many songs as possible on each page. You can see that the columns are different widths so I could save space with songs with shorter lines. I used a heavy font to make the pages more readable in less-than-perfect light. So, if you merely want to print one or two songs for a one-time use, then it’s a simple matter to print them out and make photocopies. But if you want to create a song book that your group or family can use year after year, then you’ll want to put a little more work into it.

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