Finding RoMere Darling

| February 9, 2007

Long after my grandmother died, one of my cousins began to compile some of our family history. One of the stories involved my grandmother’s half-sister, Josephine Caleb, who married Frank Grinnell and had a daughter who became a film star under the name, “Rose Marie Darling”. When I took over the project, I tried to [...]

Our Grandparents

| February 4, 2007

Dewey Washington Dailey Dewey was born 7 Oct 1899 on the Otoe-Missouria Reservation in Oklahoma Territory [although all later documents report his birth year as 1901, tribal censuses clearly show that Dewey was born in 1899]. He was the son of Charles W. Dailey and Belle Robideaux Dailey, who had migrated with the tribe from [...]

Remembering RoMere Darling (Part II)

| February 2, 2007

previous page Life After Hollywood In 1950 RoMere moved to Tiff City, Missouri, on the Oklahoma border, but she did not completely leave the entertainment field. She organized the Turkey Ford Dance Group in the community of the same name in Ottawa County, Oklahoma, which received good publicity in the news. By now she was [...]

Remembering RoMere Darling (Part I)

| February 1, 2007

Rosie Grinnell Rose Marie Grinnell1 was born July 20, 1911, on the Potawatomie Indian Reservation in Jackson County, Kansas. Rosie was the youngest of six children of Ona Grinnell and Rosa Ann McCoonse Grinnell. Ona Grinnell was an allotted member of the Prairie Band Potawatomie through his mother’s ancestry. Ona’s paternal ancestors were New England [...]

Fur Traders and Trail Blazers (Part I)

| January 21, 2007

As best as I can tell, this article was originally published in the Overland Journal (6:3) 1988. I believe that this article is important to the understanding of Otoe-Missouria genealogy, so I am posting my reference copy of the article here, unless I hear otherwise from the publisher, the author or his agent. All links [...]

Ignatius Caleb (1836 – 1921)

| January 19, 2007

Caleb Ancestry The Caleb family are all descendants of a Christian Munsee Indian from the Ohio Territory named Caleb,1 who was baptized on 10 November 1790 by Rev. David Zeisberger at the Moravian mission of Petquotting in the valley of the Muskingum (now Tuscarawas) River. The Fliegel Index contains several references to Caleb, mostly reporting [...]

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