Sam Bradford, “Certified Cherokee”

| September 24, 2007

Readers of this website may already know that I am a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and a faithful fan of Sooner sports, particularly football. So I was glad when my father called me last week to remind me that the Sooners were playing Tulsa on Friday night, and that the game would be [...]

Rumors of Native Ancestry

| February 15, 2007

I wrote my article, Are You Part Cherokee?, several years ago. I intended the message to be truthful, but with a touch of tongue-in-cheek humor. Most of the feedback I receive is from other native Americans who either agree with me or who thank me for publishing the idea online. Some even tell me about [...]

Are You Part Cherokee?

| January 26, 2007

How many times have I heard someone say that they are part Indian, and how many times does the tribe mentioned turn out to be Cherokee? I’m not referring just to personal experience, but also to people and characters heard on radio and television. Whenever someone makes a statement like that to me, and then [...]

Munsee Agreement with the Cherokee

| January 14, 2007

In the summer of 1868, Ignatius Caleb and Moses Kilbuck traveled to Cherokee Nation territory to try to move their dwindling tribe into a confederation with the Cherokee. The following document shows that they were successful in getting the Cherokee leadership to agree in principal. The provisions of the agreement were for the Munsee to [...]

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