Chippewa-Munsee Allotment and Heirship

| January 18, 2007

Allotment, or allotment in severalty, was the process of assigning specific plots of land on the reservation to specific individuals. Allotment, authorized by US Congress in the Dawes Severalty Act of 1887, was another means to assimilate Indians into white culture, but its main result was to provide a means to sell reservation land to [...]

Chippewa-Munsee Final Enrollment 1900

| January 17, 2007

The following table shows my transcription of the Census of the Chippewa and Christian Indians, dated 30 June 1900, by the Indian agent, W. R. Honnell, of the Pottawatomie and Great Nemaha Agency in Kansas. The first column shows the Name exactly as it was written on the original document. The Description shows the gender, [...]

Chippewa-Munsee Tribal Photograph 1900

| January 16, 2007

Members of the combined Chippewa and Munsee tribes posed for this photograph in front of the Moravian Mission (white clapboard barely visible in the background) in Ottawa, Kansas, on 8 November 1900. It is the last record of their people as a group, coinciding with the final disbursement of federal funds. The original version of [...]

Citizenship: Dissolution of the Tribe

| January 15, 2007

After years of public pressure and internal conflict, the Chippewa and Munsee Indians finally voted in favor of the federal Indian Appropriation Act of 1897 that provided for the appraisal, distribution, and disposal of their tribal lands and funds in Franklin County, Kansas. The vote was taken on 26 July 1897 at the Moravian mission [...]

History of the Kansas Munsee (1830 to Present)

| January 11, 2007

previous page The American West In the 1830s, a faction of the tribe favored a move to the American West where other tribes were settling on reservations. During the intervening years, some Delaware tribes had moved to Indiana (for whom the town of Muncie, Indiana, is named), Missouri, and then to Kansas. Another group, the [...]

Chippewa-Munsee Genealogy

| January 9, 2007

The Chippewa-Munsee genealogy database includes members, ancestors, and descendants of the Swan Creek and Black River Band Chippewa and the Christian Munsee, who shared a reservation in Franklin County, Kansas, during the latter half of the nineteenth century. These two independent bands had a diverse history which eventually led to their coexistence on a tiny [...]

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