Otoe-Missouria Christian Hymns

| January 25, 2007

The following text was transcribed for the Web from a pamphlet published by Earl Big Soldier Plumley sometime after 1972. He wrote the words syllable by syllable, using common English spelling fragments. The pamphlet is still used at the Otoe Baptist Church in Red Rock. These hymns are not the only ones that Mr. Plumley [...]

Moravian Mission Archives

| January 12, 2007

Much of what we know about the early history of the Munsee comes from the records of the Moravian missionaries. Unlike other Christian sects and denominations who came to America for religious freedom, one of the main reasons that the Moravians came to America was to minister to the native population. Their first efforts started [...]

History of the Kansas Munsee (Prehistory to 1830)

| January 10, 2007

Indigenous People The Munsee (also spelled Monsey, Muncey, Muncie, Munsie, Muncee) were originally part of the Delaware (Lenape) Indians of the Mid-Atlantic coast. The Munsee are often described as the northern division of the Delware, but that designation seems to be solely geographic, not cultural or social. They inhabited the area where present-day Pennsylvania, New [...]

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