What is Data Compression?

| April 1, 2008

Data compression, or file compression, is a function performed by computers to decrease the size of a data file, while controlling the amount of information that gets lost. The purpose of data compression is to reduce the amount of space required to store the file on a hard disk, memory card, or optical disk, and [...]

Baseball is Digital, Football is Analog

| September 9, 2007

In general terms, digital means that information is contained in discrete elements, with nothing in between. For example, a digital clock with an Hour:Minute display shows you the time as discrete elements of minutes. By glancing at the clock once, you cannot tell how close you are to the next minute. There is no in-between. [...]

Digital Bits and Bytes

| September 8, 2007

Computers are digital. Everything they do has to be converted to a digital description. The discrete element they use is called a bit. It is typically described as off or on, down or up, negative or positive. In text, a bit is denoted by 0 or 1. There is no in-between. Since this system uses [...]

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