What is Digital Television?

| March 5, 2008

The difference between an analog broadcast and a digital broadcast is difficult to explain without some prior knowledge of how radio and television signals get from the tower to your home in the first place. Suffice it to say that broadcast signals are a type of electromagnetic wave that carries data through space. How far [...]

What makes a Digital Photograph?

| March 3, 2008

Size, compression, and resolution are three characteristics which determine the quality of a digital photograph. The size of a digital photo is usually expressed in terms of pixel dimensions, such as 1024 x 768. The quality of digital cameras is usually expressed in megapixels, which represents one million photo sensors in the camera. While megapixels [...]

How to you Convert to Digital Media

| March 2, 2008

Most of today’s consumer electronic products now record everything in digital format. Digital cameras have replaced almost all film snapshot cameras. Video cameras now record on a hard drive or directly to memory cards or mini-DVDs. Telephone answering machines have been digital (replacing the analog cassette tapes) for quite awhile now. Digital video recorders (DVR) [...]

What is Digital Media?

| March 1, 2008

Digital media refers to any type of media — words, pictures, audio, or video — which is stored on a computer, digital device, or optical media. As discussed in the article, Digital Bits and Bytes, everything on a computer is stored as a series of numeric bits. In other words, to the computer, there is [...]

What is Ripping and Burning?

| January 5, 2008

Rip a Disk Rip is the slang term for the process of copying digital data from a CD or DVD onto a computer. The word rip comes from the idea of ripping, or peeling, the data from a disc, which is not what really happens. Ripping a disk simply copies the data. It does not [...]

How does Satellite Radio Work?

| October 7, 2007

Satellite radio is a digital broadcast of traditional styles of radio programming available only by subscription. As the name implies, the radio signal is transmitted from communication satellites, instead of terrestrial radio towers. In the US, the two providers are Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio. In order to receive satellite radio, you have [...]

What is Internet Radio

| October 6, 2007

Internet radio, also called web radio or net radio, is a service which allows you to listen to a radio station on your computer over the Internet. It is popular in office buildings, where each individual can tune in to their own preference of music or talk radio. The technology involved is called streaming. The [...]

What is a Podcast?

| October 4, 2007

A podcast is a digital audio or video broadcast on the Internet that plays on a computer or on any digital player. The word podcast comes from the name of the Apple iPodĀ®. However, there is no special relationship between a digital broadcast and the iPod, so it could more properly be called a netcast, [...]

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