Reviving a Dead Computer

| June 8, 2009

The other day I was going through some stuff, and I came across my old IBM Thinkpad 600E. The 600E is a relatively small 1999-era laptop, which was considered a solid and reliable business machine in its day. I had purchased it on eBay around 2003 as a second computer and as my first laptop. [...]

What is a Thumb Drive?

| August 17, 2008

A thumb drive is a portable data storage device. In computer parlance, it is known as a USB flash drive, but it can be known by a variety of mix and match descriptive names such as USB key, USB memory key, key drive, flash key, compact flash key, or compact flash drive. The names come [...]

What is External Storage?

| April 5, 2008

Most home users can store all of their data on the hard drive that comes with the computer. The size of today’s hard drives are easily large enough to store your normal data files, like documents and photos. The only time that storage becomes an issue is when you start saving video, or large collections [...]

Does Everyone need a Router?

| January 1, 2008

Most homes have a single connection to the Internet, which is shared by all of the computers in the home. This process is made possible by an additional piece of hardware called a router. Technically, a router is a more general term which applies to specialized computer devices which control all Internet traffic at an [...]

What are all these Ports?

| September 15, 2007

A port on a computer is a socket for a specific type of plug, used to connect components or peripheral devices. On early models of computers, each peripheral device had its own port: an AT keyboard port, a serial port for a mouse or modem, a parallel port for a printer, a video port for [...]

What is the Hard Drive?

| September 14, 2007

The hard disk drive (abbreviated HDD), more commonly called the hard disk or hard drive, is the device that stores the operating system, your software, and your data files. It is a magnetic medium, as opposed to the optical media of CDs and DVDs. The hard disk is the most complicated mechanical device in the [...]

What is RAM?

| September 13, 2007

Random access memory, abbreviated and pronounced RAM, is the component of a computer that holds whatever the computer is thinking about right now. It is sometimes referred to simply as memory, or volatile memory, because it is lost when the computer is turned off. In humans, RAM is like short-term memory. For example, someone tells [...]

What is the CPU?

| September 12, 2007

The central processing unit, almost always abbreviated and pronounced CPU, is the brains of the computer. It is a small chip, about the size of a matchbook, black in color, attached flat on the motherboard. It does all of the mind-numbing computations, and it controls the other components. It is the CPU that distinguishes the [...]

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