What are Wi-Fi and WiMax?

| June 17, 2008

Wi-Fi and WiMAX are two types of wireless broadband connections used primarily for networked devices such as your laptop computer. Wireless connections allow devices to communicate across the network without having to be plugged in with a traditional Ethernet cable. Although some “smart phones” can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, cellphones generally use completely [...]

How do I Backup?

| June 16, 2008

Creating a backup is the process of saving a second copy of computer files. Although you might think that your computer files are safely stored on your hard drive, there are many different scenarios in which they can be lost, such as: your laptop gets lost or stolen your computer gets damaged your computer gets [...]

What is External Storage?

| April 5, 2008

Most home users can store all of their data on the hard drive that comes with the computer. The size of today’s hard drives are easily large enough to store your normal data files, like documents and photos. The only time that storage becomes an issue is when you start saving video, or large collections [...]

What is an ISP?

| January 2, 2008

Your Internet service provider, abbreviated ISP, is the company that you pay to connect your home computers to the Internet. In the early days of the Internet, online subscription services such as GEnie, Prodigy, CompuServe, and America Online (AOL), had dial-up services with graphical interfaces, but they were all closed systems. In other words, once [...]

Does Everyone need a Router?

| January 1, 2008

Most homes have a single connection to the Internet, which is shared by all of the computers in the home. This process is made possible by an additional piece of hardware called a router. Technically, a router is a more general term which applies to specialized computer devices which control all Internet traffic at an [...]

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