| August 29, 2011

Unlike the earthquake of last week, Hurricane Irene was fully anticipated this weekend. We made all the necessary preparations — fresh water, nonperishable foods, gas in the cars, propane for the grill, LED flashlights, candles, lighters, a cooler full of ice, two bathtubs full of water, a basic corded telephone — and we had all [...]


| August 25, 2011

On Tuesday, August 23, 2011, around 2:00 PM, we experienced an earthquake in Maryland. I was working alone on my computer on the 3rd floor of the hospital when I saw my monitor shake and felt a vibration in the floor. My first thought was that someone was wheeling a heavy cart down the hallway. [...]

Hey, I’m a Screenwriter!

| July 27, 2009

Today I watched The Blue Eyed Six documentary on DVD. The Blue Eyed Six were a group of six men, all of them coincidentally blue-eyed, who were arrested and indicted on first degree murder charges in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, in 1879. The motive for the murder was an insurance scheme which relied on life insurance [...]

How I Almost Lost my Domain

| August 2, 2008

By the year 2000, I had been online with a modest website for several years under the persona of Broken Claw. Until that time, I had been using the online services of what were known in those days as Personal Pages, first with some free ad-sponsored websites like Yahoo Geocities, and then with my local [...]

Middle America isn’t just in the Middle

| September 23, 2007

I attended my high school Homecoming football game yesterday. There was no particular reason for me to go, other than that my mother called and invited me, and I had no other plans for the day. The last time I had been to a football game at my old high school was probably about fifteen [...]

My Royal Flush

| October 10, 2005

Anyone who has ever played poker knows that the Straight Flush is the highest possible hand because it is the most rare: five cards in rank order (a straight) of all the same suit (a flush). And the highest possible straight flush is called a Royal Flush: a Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of [...]

Weekend at Cape May

| July 27, 2005

For Trailwalker’s birthday, I planned a surprise weekend getaway to the New Jersey shore. I went online and made reservations at a bed and breakfast in Cape May, but I didn’t tell Trailwalker where we were going. We stopped for gas and snacks, and Trailwalker picked up a copy of Southern Living magazine to read [...]

Hurricane Isabel

| October 3, 2003

Four years after Hurricane Floyd, to the day, we were hit by Hurricane Isabel in 2003. By the time the hurricane crossed North Carolina and Virginia, it had lost much of its punch, and the rainfall was dramatically less than its potential. As a result, our home was spared any appreciable damage. We were prepared [...]

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