Weekend at Cape May

| July 27, 2005

For Trailwalker’s birthday, I planned a surprise weekend getaway to the New Jersey shore. I went online and made reservations at a bed and breakfast in Cape May, but I didn’t tell Trailwalker where we were going. We stopped for gas and snacks, and Trailwalker picked up a copy of Southern Living magazine to read [...]

Grand Canyon

| September 9, 2003

After four weeks of rigorous training, we made the two-day hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. NOT! Actually, we took the bus trip from Las Vegas to the South Rim. Our first stop was lunch at Max and Thelma’s buffet in Williams, Arizona. Williams is the closest town on this side of the [...]

Great Smoky Mountains

| September 8, 2002

We spent a fun and relaxing vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. For the first few days we stayed in Gatlinburg at the Glenstone Lodge. Gatlinburg is situated on the edge of the National Park, squeezed in a tiny valley, and has been a tourist destination for many years. It was our first [...]

Independence Day

| July 7, 1999

We spent the Fourth of July weekend camping at a family resort in Virginia. The weather was perfect for relaxing by the pool with temps in the 80′s, just a few high clouds, and low humidity. We enjoyed the usual activities: swimming, walking, reading, outdoor cooking, and listening to the baseball games on the radio [...]

A Winter Drive

| January 23, 1999

On a blustery January weekend, we packed our bags and headed west from Baltimore on I-70. We passed Frederick, passed Hagerstown, and just kept driving, with only a vague notion of a destination somewhere in western Maryland. On the far side of Hancock, we turned onto I-68 and approached the man-made mountain pass called Sideling [...]

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

| December 15, 1998

Two weeks before Christmas we drove to Cumberland, Maryland, to visit the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. We left on Saturday morning. We made arrangements for a lodge room in West Virginia, less than an hour’s drive from Cumberland. The hills and mountains were covered with just a dusting of snow, which was more than we’d [...]

Cacapon Resort

| July 27, 1998

We spent part of our vacation at Cacapon Resort State Park in West Virginia’s eastern panhandle. We had discovered Cacapon Mountain and the park on a previous trip through the area. After driving around the park and seeing the lake, lodge, and golf course, we decided to make it a vacation destination. The lodge, with [...]

Our Visit to Cooperstown

| July 1, 1998

After checking into a nearby motel, we arrived in Cooperstown in early afternoon. We parked the car on the outskirts of town at one of the trolley lots. A few minutes later the Deerslayer trolley pulled up and took us downtown. Cooperstown is a small mountain village with one traffic light, but it has a [...]

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