Plaxico Burress, just a regular guy

| August 28, 2009

When Plaxico Burress was first indicted on weapons charges in New York City, he pleaded Not Guilty (I still don’t understand the difference between pleaded, plead, and pled) . I guess he and his lawyer were going to claim that someone stole Plaxico’s pistol, then stuck it down and his pants and shot him. Okay, [...]

Sam Bradford’s Certified NCAA Record

| November 25, 2007

Yesterday Sam Bradford, the Oklahoma freshman quarterback, threw four touchdown passes against the in-state rival Oklahoma State Cowboys enroute to a decisive 49-17 victory. The victory gave the Sooners the outright division championship of the Big 12 South and bragging rights in the state for another year. The four touchdown passes brought Bradford’s total to [...]

Bette Midler’s Trees

| August 24, 2007

It was all over the Internet and television news the past few days. Bette Midler was in big trouble for cutting down over 200 trees on her property in Hawaii without the proper permit. The story was more newsworthy because Ms. Midler has been an advocate and spokesperson for environmental causes for many years now. [...]

A New Reckoning

| December 1, 1999

We’ve all heard the discussions. Does the millennium end on December 31, 1999, or does it end on December 31, 2000? If the first year was Year 1, then the first decade ended at the end of Year 10, then the first century ended at the end of Year 100, then the first millennium ended [...]

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