Reviving a Dead Computer

| June 8, 2009

The other day I was going through some stuff, and I came across my old IBM Thinkpad 600E. The 600E is a relatively small 1999-era laptop, which was considered a solid and reliable business machine in its day. I had purchased it on eBay around 2003 as a second computer and as my first laptop. [...]

What are File Types and File Formats?

| November 5, 2007

A file on a computer is a distinct collection of data which is encoded in a particular way for its particular use. This special encoding is the file format. To the casual user, file formats are essentially invisible because they are automatically handled by the software they use. File formats can be divided into some [...]

Varieties of Operating Systems

| November 3, 2007

For an introductory discussion, see The Operating System. Most home computers use a version of one of two commercial operating systems. The most widely used is the family of Microsoft Windows®. The other is a product of Apple Inc, called Mac OS®. The first version of Windows to reach widespread use was released in 1992. [...]

What is the Operating System?

| November 2, 2007

The operating system, abbreviated OS, is the foundation layer of software that makes it possible for the computer to run other programs, also called applications. When you turn on a computer, the first thing that runs is the BIOS, the Basic Input/Output System. The BIOS is what checks connections to the hardware, such as the [...]

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