Brett Favre, Just Shut Up!

| August 6, 2008

I am totally burned out on the Brett Favre story. Actually, I was burned out on the second day of the story. After a week, my feeling was like, Just shut up! Every time I turned on the sports news, there was Brett. ESPN even created a FAVRE category for their news crawler. I’m sure [...]

I’m Done with Horse Racing

| June 7, 2008

Not that I’ve ever really been into horse racing… But as a sports fan, yes, I pay attention to the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. And when a horse has a chance of winning the Triple Crown, I get excited about the Belmont Stakes. I’m old enough to remember watching Secretariat, Seattle Slew, and Affirmed [...]

Somebody Get a Dictionary

| March 29, 2008

One of my pet peeves is hearing people, especially those in the broadcast media, use a particular word to emphasize their point, but use the incorrect definition of the word. Two such words are prototype and literal. How many times have you heard a sports broadcaster describe a player as “the prototype of an NFL [...]

Middle America isn’t just in the Middle

| September 23, 2007

I attended my high school Homecoming football game yesterday. There was no particular reason for me to go, other than that my mother called and invited me, and I had no other plans for the day. The last time I had been to a football game at my old high school was probably about fifteen [...]

Windows vs Mac… Who Cares?

| September 2, 2007

Okay, so there are thousands of websites and blog posts which discuss, or argue, the rivalry between Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh computers. The problem with all of these arguments is that there is no point of argument. By that I don’t mean that there is no purpose (point) in arguing, but rather that there [...]

Bette Midler’s Trees

| August 24, 2007

It was all over the Internet and television news the past few days. Bette Midler was in big trouble for cutting down over 200 trees on her property in Hawaii without the proper permit. The story was more newsworthy because Ms. Midler has been an advocate and spokesperson for environmental causes for many years now. [...]

The Value of User-Generated Content

| August 23, 2007

User-generated content is all the rage on the Internet. Sites like YouTube, Flickr, Wikipedia, and have been highlighted in mainstream media, so a lot of people have at least heard those names, even if they’ve never visited the sites or understand how they work. These four sites in particular, and probably hundreds of others, [...]

The 2007 NCAA Football Season

| August 18, 2007

The 2007 college football season will begin in a couple weeks, and I am as excited as ever to see how my alma mater will stack up against the rest of the league and in the national Division I-A polls. In a couple months we will begin to hear the sportscasters calling once again for [...]

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