Documenting Blood Quanta

| November 13, 2009

Recently I received an email from a grandchild of Mary Anna Rich (born 1899). He told me that he was contesting tribal records with regard to his grandmother’s blood quantum, which was officially changed from full-blood to 7/8th sometime after the 1950s. He was requesting my assistance in finding documentation that his grandmother was indeed [...]

Fur Traders and Trail Blazers (Part IV)

| January 24, 2007

previous page by Merrill J. Mattes During the peak season emigrants camped in Robidoux Pass in great numbers; one emigrant counted three hundred wagons camped here one evening. At the same time many emigrants abandoned their overloaded wagons here and made their way further west by pack animals, so the Robidouxs had easy pickings in [...]

Fur Traders and Trail Blazers (Part III)

| January 23, 2007

previous page by Merrill J. Mattes In my research I have found well over 300 references in emigrant journals to Robidoux Pass and the trading post there. More than half of these also tell of one or more “French-men” there as traders. Many of them refer to a “Robidoux” with a great variety of spellings, [...]

Fur Traders and Trail Blazers (Part II)

| January 22, 2007

previous page by Merrill J. Mattes In 1833 Prince Maximilian of Wied, en route to Fort Union trading post on the steamer Yellowstone, observed this post. It was noted also by the Rev. Samuel Parker, en route from Liberty, Missouri to the mission at Belleview, Nebraska, where he started his marathon journey to Oregon. In [...]

Fur Traders and Trail Blazers (Part I)

| January 21, 2007

As best as I can tell, this article was originally published in the Overland Journal (6:3) 1988. I believe that this article is important to the understanding of Otoe-Missouria genealogy, so I am posting my reference copy of the article here, unless I hear otherwise from the publisher, the author or his agent. All links [...]

The Story of Indian Names

| January 7, 2007

When researching Indian names, it’s important to realize that a name may be spelled in different ways, depending on who recorded it and how they heard it pronounced. Also, individuals usually changed their name throughout their life. Anyone who’s ever studied a foreign language knows that other languages contain sounds and inflections that are absent [...]

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