How do Phishing Schemes Work?

| February 7, 2008

The most infamous phishing scheme is known as the Nigerian Letter scam. In this scam, the emailer pretends to be some high ranking official in a foreign country, notably Nigeria, who needs someone’s help in moving an extraordinary amount of cash, often in the millions of dollars, out of the country. The email preys upon [...]

Phish in a Barrel

| February 6, 2008

Phishing is the slang term to describe attempts by malicious people to obtain personal information by fraudulent means. While the definitions may blur, depending on who you ask or what you read, in general, spamming is from someone trying to sell you something, and phishing is from someone trying to get you to give them [...]

Spam, Spam, Spam

| February 5, 2008

Spam is the slang term to describe unsolicited bulk messaging on the Internet. The name likely comes from a Monty Python sketch, which centered on a meat product of the same name. Spam can be directed toward blogs and forums, but the most common form is email spam. Spam is the online equivalent of junk [...]

Viruses on the Internet

| February 4, 2008

There are over 10,000 known types of viruses, and countless variations. It has been estimated that as many as one-fourth of all computers connected to the Internet have been infected. Many of those infected machines are part of limited networks, such as a corporate, government, or educational networks, where one infected machine can quickly spread [...]

A Virus on your Computer

| February 3, 2008

What happens if a virus gets into your computer? There are a whole range of effects that malicious software can have once it gains access to your computer. The differences between a virus, a worm and a trojan horse are explained elsewhere, but for the purpose of this article, we will use the term virus [...]

What is a Virus, Worm, and Trojan Horse?

| February 2, 2008

Computer viruses, worms, and trojan horses are all malicious computer programs which get copied onto your computer without your knowledge. There are certain characteristics which differentiate them from each other, but they are all bad for you as a user and for the Internet as a whole. A computer virus is software that gets actively [...]

Safe Computing Practices

| February 1, 2008

Viruses and worms can create all sorts of havoc on your computer, from simple annoyance, to slowing your machine, to destroying your entire operating system. These effects may be their goal, or they may just be side effects of their true intention. Although viruses and worms have specific characteristics, their results can be the same, [...]

Does Everyone need a Router?

| January 1, 2008

Most homes have a single connection to the Internet, which is shared by all of the computers in the home. This process is made possible by an additional piece of hardware called a router. Technically, a router is a more general term which applies to specialized computer devices which control all Internet traffic at an [...]

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