Who Was Albrecht Deibler’s Wife?

| August 17, 2011

Albrecht Deibler was a known historical figure. He was also one of my 5th great-grandfathers. He was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, around 1726. Later he settled in what is now upper Dauphin County and established a homestead he called Horn Pipe. The Land Grant map of 1773 shows his 336-acre estate. During the Revolutionary [...]

Twitter your Life Away

| February 13, 2009

Twitter is a relatively new social networking tool of the Internet which popularized micro-blogging. The main purpose is to keep friends connected, by letting everyone know where you are and what you are doing. Like other services, it depends on a technology known as SMS (short message service), which is basically a text message that [...]

What is the Wikipedia?

| June 30, 2008

The Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia built on user-generated content. As an encyclopedia, its scope goes well beyond the traditional 30-volume set of books. Because it is updated in real time, the Wikipedia contains a wealth of information on current events, popular culture, and ever-changing technology. For example, when Barry Bonds broke the career home [...]

What is User-Generated Content?

| May 1, 2008

User-generated content is a relatively new concept on the Internet. Sites like YouTube and Flickr have been highlighted in mainstream media, so a lot of people have at least heard those names, even if they have never visited the websites. These sites in particular, and probably hundreds of others, exist only because users take time [...]

MySpace vs Facebook

| May 1, 2008

MySpace, Facebook, and Bebo are three of the most popular social networking sites on the Internet today. Social network is a sociology term which has been applied to a feature of technology that allows users to interact with their own groups of friends and acquaintances through a variety of methods beyond email, including text messages, [...]

How do Forums Work?

| October 2, 2007

A forum on the Internet is a part of a website that uses web software to allow users to write questions and answers and to create discussions of particular topics. Forums can be known by mix-and-match descriptive terms such as bulletin boards, message boards, and discussion groups. The topics are generally outlined by the website [...]

The Nature of Blogs

| October 2, 2007

The Blogosphere The immediate nature of blogs, and the way that they are easily connected, has led to the concept known as the blogosphere. It is the term used to describe the collective writing among the Internet’s millions of blogs, especially when a significant number of them are discussing and dissecting a particular current event. [...]

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