Chippewa-Munsee Final Enrollment 1900

Posted By BrokenClaw on January 17, 2007

The following table shows my transcription of the Census of the Chippewa and Christian Indians, dated 30 June 1900, by the Indian agent, W. R. Honnell, of the Pottawatomie and Great Nemaha Agency in Kansas. The first column shows the Name exactly as it was written on the original document. The Description shows the gender, age, and family relationship [do = ditto, meaning the person named above]. Many of these people appear in the Chippewa-Munsee tribal photograph from later that year. The last column gives the person’s name as it appears in the Genealogy Database.

Final Enrollment 1900

Name Description Genealogy Database
Catherine Neff F / 27 Keecheninnee, Mary Catherine
William H. Killbuck M / 61 Kilbuck, William H.
Catherine Killbuck F / 56 wife of do Snake, Mrs. Catherine
Ratchel Killbuck F / 22 Kilbuck, Rachel
Jeremiah Killbuck M / 2 son of do Kilbuck, Jeremiah
Francis Killbuck M / 3m son of do Kilbuck, Francis
Vida Jane Killbuck F / 26 Kilbuck, Vida June
Nickodemus Herr M / 28 Hurr, Nicodemus B.
Leo Herr M / 2m son of do Hurr, Bruce Leo
John H. Killbuck M / 37 Kilbuck, John H.
Katy M. Killbuck F / 15 dau of do Kilbuck, Katherine H.
William H. Killbuck M / 13 son of do Kilbuck, William H.
Joseph Killbuck M / 10 son of do Kilbuck, Joseph H.
Ruth H. Killbuck F / 8 dau of do Kilbuck, Ruth Sarah H.
James Elliott M / 49 Elliott, James
George W. Elliott M /15 son of do Elliott, George Wesley
Frederick A. Elliott M / 11 son of do Elliott, Frederick Arnold
Charles H. Elliott M / 8 son of do Elliott, Charles Homer
Sabilla Elliott F / 78 Caleb, Sabilla
Joab Samuel M / 42 Samuel, Joab
John Thomas M / 45 Thomas, John
Ratchel Thomas F / 2 Thomas, Rachel Elizabeth
Julia Bittenbender F / 45 McCoonse, Julia Ann II
Harry Bittenbender M / 14 son of do Bittenbender, Harry
Matilda Herron F / 22 Herron, Matilda
Emeline Herron F / 19 Herron, Emeline
Mary Ann Herron F / 23 Herron, Mary Ann
Peter Herron M / 26 Herron, Peter Sylvester
James M. Donohoe M / 8 Donohoe, James Walter
Ellen Sullivan F / 29 Donohoe, Jane Ellen
William Donohoe M / 34 Donohoe, William
Charles Louis Donohoe M / 8 son of do Donohoe, Charles Louis
Milo K. Donohoe M / 4 son of do Donohoe, Milo K.
Francis M. Donohoe F / 1 dau of do Donohoe, Frances Mildred
Theresa Ewing Blackburn F / 37 Donohoe, Theresa
Enoch Ewing Jones M / 19 Jones, Enoch Ewing
Josephine Plake F / 46 Wilcoxon, Josephine A.
Arthur Plake M / 16 son of do Plake, Arthur Clinton
Charles Plake M / 18 son of do Plake, Charles Truman
William M. Plake M / 20 son of do Plake, William Marion
Ellen Plake F / 22 dau of do Plake, Sabilla Ellen
John Plake M / 24 son of do Plake, John V.
James Plake M / 26 son of do Plake, James W.
George Veix M / 43 Veix, George
Louisa Veix F / 43 wife of do Wilson, Louisa
Katy Veix F / 17 dau of do Veix, Katy A.
Lucy Veix F / 15 dau of do Veix, Lucy
Bessie Louisa Veix F / 13 dau of do Veix, Bessie Louisa
Silas Veix M / 10 son of do Veix, Silas A.
Agnes Veix F / 9 dau of do Veix, Agnes
Cora L. Veix F / 7 dau of do Veix, Cora E.
Julian Veix M / 6 dau of do Veix, Julia A.
Rose Ann Veix F / 4 dau of do Veix, Rose Ann
Luella Veix F / 19 Veix, Luella
Eliza McCoonse F / 25 McCoonse, Eliza
Joseph McCoonse M / 16 McCoonse, Joseph
Oscar McCoonse M / 27 McCoonse, Oscar
Ignatius Caleb M / 62 Caleb, Ignatius
Josephine Grinnell F / 27 Caleb, Josephine
Rufus Caleb M / 35 Caleb, Rufus
Grace A. Caleb F / 2 dau of do Caleb, Grace A.
Edith C. Caleb F / 4m dau of do Caleb, Edith C.
Joseph McCoonse M / 50 McCoonse, Joseph
Rosa Ann Grinnell F / 21 McCoonse, Rosa Ann
Sarah Supernaw F / 39 Wilson, Sarah A.
William J. Supernaw M / 11 son of do Supernaw, William J.
Jesse A. Supernaw M / 6 son of do Supernaw, Jesse A.
Josephine Supernaw M / 4 dau of do Supernaw, Josephine
Charles L. Supernaw M / 5m son of do Supernaw, Charles L.
Elizabeth Spooner F / 42 Wilson, Elizabeth
Anderson Spooner M / 17 Spooner, Anderson W.
Paris J. Spooner M / 11 bro of do Spooner, Paris Jason
Irwin W. Spooner M / 10 bro of do Spooner, Irwin Nestor
Charles S. Spooner M / 20 Spooner, Charles S.
Benjamin F. Spooner M / 19 Spooner, Frank B.
Julia Ann Jones F / 58 Caleb, Julia Ann
Joseph Killbuck M / 35 Kilbuck, Joseph H.
William McCoonse M / 37 McCoonse, William
Henry L. McCoonse M / 17 son of do McCoonse, Henry L.
Helena McCoonse F / 3 McCoonse, Helena
Robert McCoonse M / 43 McCoonse, Robert K.
Mary McCoonse F / 17 dau of do McCoonse, Mary
Matilda McCoonse F / 10 dau of do McCoonse, Matilda
Jacob Gokey M / 15 Gokey, Jacob
Francis Gokey M / 13 bro of do Gokey, Frances
Sarah Whitedeer F / 23 Whitedeer, Sarah
Anna F. Whitedeer F / 2 dau of do Whitedeer, Anna F.
Isaac McCoonse M / 10 McCoonse, Isaac
William Caleb M / 41 Caleb, William
William A. Caleb M / 2 son of do Caleb, Albert William
Florence E. Caleb F / 1m dau of do Caleb, Florence E.
Thomas Lewis M / 56 Lewis, Thomas


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