Chippewa-Munsee Tribal Photograph 1900

Posted By BrokenClaw on January 16, 2007

Members of the combined Chippewa and Munsee tribes posed for this photograph in front of the Moravian Mission (white clapboard barely visible in the background) in Ottawa, Kansas, on 8 November 1900. It is the last record of their people as a group, coinciding with the final disbursement of federal funds.

The original version of this photo comes from the collection of the Kansas State Historical Society. It was published along with an article about the Chippewa-Munsee in Kansas History, vol. 6(4), in 1983. The digital scan for this website was provided by the Clio Caleb Church family. This particular copy of the photo had numbers painted on the individuals several years later for identification, reportedly done by Joseph Romig, the Moravian missionary. The version of the photo shown here has been painstakingly retouched by this researcher in order to remove the numbers in an attempt to recreate the original photograph.

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  • Also available is the full-size, unretouched photo (1.22 MBytes).

Chippewa-Munsee Photo

Back Row: Oscar McCoonse, Frank Grinnell, William McCoonse, Anderson Spooner, Charles Spooner, Henry McCoonse, Ona Grinnell, [unknown male], Harry Bittenbender, Peter Herron, Nicodemus Hurr, John Plake, Clinton Plake, George Elliott, Bruce Plake

Middle Section: Mrs. Thomas Lewis, William Donohoe, Julia (Davis) Jones, Emeline Herron, Julia Ann (McCoonse) Bittenbender, Matilda Herron, William Kilbuck, Jane Ellen Donohoe, Henrie Donohoe, Mary Alice McCoonse, Mary Ann Herron, Rosa Ann (McCoonse) Grinnell, Anna (Spencer) Donohoe with infant, Katy Veix, [unknown male], James Donohoe, Mary Catherine (Keecheninnee) Neff holding Dudley Neff, George Veix, Edith (Romig) Kilbuck, ? Plake, Rev. Joseph Romig, [unknown female], Sabilla Ellen Plake, Josephine (Caleb) Grinnell, Theresa (Donohoe) Blackburn, John Thomas, Mary Ann (Levey) Kilbuck, [unknown female], Joseph Kilbuck, Ma-ko-se-to, ? Plake, ? Plake, C. Murphy (agent), [unknown female], Mrs. Ellen Ma-ko-se-to, [unknown male], Ellen (Crone) Samuel, Alice (Walker) Caleb, ? Plake, Minnie (Marks) Elliott, Elizabeth (Wilson) Spooner, [unknown female, possibly Sarah Whitedeer]

Front Section, seated and kneeling: Robert McCoonse, William Caleb holding Albert Caleb, Rufus Caleb, Grace (Baker) Caleb, [unknown male child], Francis Plake, Jacob Gokey, Josephine (Wilcoxon) Plake, [unknown male child], Lewis Thomas, [unknown female child], [unknown female child], Julia Veix, Cora Veix, Joab Samuel, Sabilla (Caleb) Elliott, Charles Elliott, Frederick Elliott, James Elliott, Ignatius Caleb, [unknown male, possibly holding Anna Whitedeer].

Identification of the individuals in the photograph was compiled from two sources:

  • An incomplete index written several years later by Rev. Joseph Romig;
    copy in the possession of the Donohoe family.
  • An incomplete index written many years later by Matilda McCoonse Lantis;
    copy in the possession of George Cannon.

All of the tribal members in this photo are included in my Genealogy Database.


7 Responses to “Chippewa-Munsee Tribal Photograph 1900”

  1. Marilyn Runnels says:

    My great grandmother Ada LaRue was of the Swan Creek MI Chippewa’s she had no known father but has her Grandfathers name. I am wondering is there any way to find out her fathers name have exhausted all my ideas. I sure would love any info anyone has to share.

  2. George E Cannon says:

    My maternal grandmother was Elizabeth Connolly, daughter of Alex Connolly, a Sac, and Mary Turner, the daughter of William Turner and Pamonquenoque. I will gladly share information with all “cousins”.

  3. Crystal says:

    My aunt is Susan Ellen Gokey-Samuel-Nagdonu. I too would love to hear from anyone who may have information on her.

    • Danielle(Kott) Triplie says:

      Hello I unfortuantely have no info for you but I just recently started this. I too am a descendant of the Gokey family. AntioneGokey was at treaty signing in 1859, Im thinking your Aunt and my several times over Grandfather were sibilings. any info I find i will post here for you and plz do the same.

  4. adler nagy says:

    My mothers family name is turner. My great great far back grand father was William Turner wife Mary Turner I have a documents that link me to them along with a couple photographs. I would enjoy meeting anyone of these desendants.please email me

  5. Kelly Smythe says:

    My 5th GGrandmother, Marum Muncie was married to Jonathan Richardson and lived in Overton Co., Tn on the application for the Guion Miller Rolls the gggrandson John B. Richardson # 1430? listed her as having no english name.and being a full blood. My DNA test fro m genetree shows my 5TH grandparen as full blood . I am desperately seeking ancesteral information for me and my children. Thank you for any help. Kelly Smythe

    BrokenClaw’s reply:
    I have never found any families from the Kansas Munsee who used the surname Muncie or any variation thereof. As a general rule, native American surnames were either arbitrary English names, or derived from the father’s Indian name. It’s quite possible that your Marum had no surname, and that Muncie was used for convenience. The Kansas Munsee had been using surnames since the early 1800s, and I have never come across the name Marum. So I am afraid I can offer no assistance.

    • Stacey Ricketts says:

      Kelly the surname Muncie is a Lenni Lenape surname used by several tribal groups known today and yesterday.. the Muncie on the River Thames Canada, the Delaware Indians of Oklahoma – mixed with the Caddo, and the Nanticoke Lenni Lenape of NJ all have family members who still carry the last name Muncie, Muncey, and Muntz. My cousins mother was a Muntz. The name derives from the 3 clans of Lenape – Wolf equals Muncie, Turtle and Turkey. Try other Lenape groups for your family.. There are pple from our band who also are from Michigan and Windsor Canada..

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