What is the Internet?

Posted By BrokenClaw on September 1, 2007

The Internet is a general term to describe all the interconnected wires, cables, and satellite transmissions that allow computer information to flow back and forth from anywhere in the world to anywhere else in the world.

Although it was originally designed to connect universities and government agencies, today the general public’s use of the Internet far outweighs the use by industry, education, and government. The cable or wire that gets you online in your house is part of the Internet, whether it’s your cable TV cable or your phone line for dial-up or DSL. Any information which is accessible from the Internet is said to be on the Internet or online.

The large cables that carry the Internet from one section of the country or world to another are sometimes called the backbone, or the pipes, which are controlled primarily by the telephone companies. Between continents, most Internet traffic is carried by undersea fiber optic cables.

The part of the Internet that is accessible by clicking links in your browser is called the World Wide Web.

The word Internet is also used to describe the entire collection of webpages and websites available online.


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