New Year Y2K

Posted By BrokenClaw on January 3, 2000

New Years Eve On New Year’s Eve, we attended a party at a local hotel restaurant. As with many millennium events, the turnout was less than the organizers expected. In fact, we noticed that there were fewer people than the previous year. Nevertheless, we were together, and that’s all that mattered. We had a lovely dinner and danced until midnight. Broken Claw had to carry his pager, because he was on-call for any Y2K problems at work. Although Broken Claw took the Y2K bug seriously, and was aware of the potential problems, he did not anticipate any glitches. As a member of the Y2K team at work, he had participated in extensive compliance testing and contingency planning. In 1997, Broken Claw had been instrumental in changing the primary software vendor at work. One of the reasons was because the previous vendor’s system was absolutely not Y2K compliant (people born in the 1800s would display with a negative age!) Anyway, as the new millennium dawned around the globe, it became apparent that catastrophic events had been avoided. Broken Claw reported to work at 08:00, January 1, 2000, as scheduled.


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