Otoe-Missouria Allotment Schedule 1899

Posted By BrokenClaw on January 5, 2007

The following allotment schedule was adapted for the web from The Otoes and Missourias by Berlin Basil Chapman, pages 385-392, Appendices B, Times Journal Publishing Company (Stillwater, OK), 1965. The ages of allottees were recorded at the time of allotment, so exact birthdates cannot be determined from this list. Ms. Clarke apparently updated her records periodically, since some infants are listed with ages marked by months or days or not at all. A substantial number of these infants are not found on the subsequent federal census, which indicates that they were deceased. My transcription of the allotment schedules has been submitted to other genealogy sites, including the Ioway Cultural Institute. The Indian names were taken primarily from the same source, although some have been modified in accordance with other sources. The far right column gives the names of the individuals as they appear in my Genealogy Database.

Allotment Schedule 1891 – 1899

Allotment Name Indian Name Age Genealogy Database
Anderson, Lulu f/19 Anderson, Lula
Ar-hoo-tha Ar-hoo-tha m/49
Arkeketa, Benjamin m/6 Arkeketa, Benjamin
Arkeketa, Bertha f/1 Arkeketa, Bertha
Arkeketa, Charles Chays-daw-ha m/8 Arkeketa, Charles
Arkeketa, George Thing-chay-bus-kay m/54 Arkeketa, George
Arkeketa, Lena Esch-ton-waw-gay-she-me f/12 Arkeketa, Lena
Arkeketa, Mary D. Hroo-taw-daw-me f/41 Hrootawdawme, Mary
Arkeketa, Vest Ah-waw-con-tha m/4 Arkeketa, Vest
Arkeketah, James Eesh-caw-daw-bse m/54 Arkeketa, James
Arkeketah, James Jr Noo-jay-a m/24 Arkeketa, James Jr
Arkeketah, Mary f/14 Arkeketa, Mary
Arkeketah, Mary H. Shu-thon-tha-wa-me f/47 Shuthonthawame, Mary
Art, Alva Daily m/8 Art, Alva Daily
Art, Charles Mar-che-che m/44 Art, Charles
Art, Ella May f/3 Art, Ella May
Art, Pearl Ma-hoo-do-way-me f/40 Mahoodowayme, Pearl
Art, Sallie f/7 Art, Sallie
Art, Silva f/11 Art, Silva
Ar-we-to-naw-me Ar-we-to-naw-me f/58
Atkins, Clarke m/1m Atkins, Clarke
Atkins, William Wee-keeth-ka m/28 Atkins, William
Barnes, Cora E. f/21 English, Cora
Barnes, C.G. m/35 Barnes, Charles Grant
Barnes, Dorrance m/1 Barnes, Dorrance A.
Barnes, Ella Mon-gaw-raw-ohe-me f/24 Mongawrawoheme, Ella
Barnes, Gertrude M. f/1 Barnes, Gertrude M.
Barnes, Harold m/10 Barnes, Harold
Barnes, James Gree-gaw-ka m/39 Barnes, James
Barnes, Katie B. f/4 Barnes, Katie B.
Barnes, Katie D. f/4 Barnes, Katie D.
Barnes, Lizzie f/13 Barnes, Lizzie
Barnes, Madeline f/3 Barnes, Madeline
Barnes, Mary N. f/2m Barnes, Mary N.
Barnes, Mary R. f/26 Mary (Mrs. Charles Barnes)
Barnes, Valentine m/1m Barnes, Valentine
Barnes, Warren C. m/1 Barnes, Warren C.
Bassett, Alice f/6 Bassett, Alice
Bassett, Esther Chay-hay-taw-chee-me f/20 Esther Bassett
Bassett, Frank Mon-kee-chee-way m/33 Bassett, Frank
Bassett, Fred m/8 Bassett, Fred
Bassett, Sam Cray-taw-hee m/12 Bassett, Samuel
Biddle, Charles Pon-chee-do-way m/33 Biddle, Charles
Biddle, Clem Cha-ton-ton-waw-ho m/44 Biddle, Clem
Big Snake, Charles m/9 Harper, Charles Big Snake
Big Soldier, Fred Kay-ton-wa-sho-sec m/21 Big Soldier, Fred
Black, Anna Tar-che-me f/48
Black, Betsy f/33 Betsy (Mrs. Samuel Black)
Black, Buffalo Cha-tha-way m/49 Black, Buffalo
Black, Dora English O-don-ra-me f/25 O-don-ra-me, Dora
Black, Dougan m/5 Black, Dougan
Black, Eliza f/ ?Black, Nellie
Black, Emma f/14
Black, Henry m/16 Black, Henry
Black, Romania B. f/1m
Black, Samuel Ho-mo-su-jay m/37 Black, Samuel
Black Hawk, Hoke Smith m/4 Black Hawk, Hoke Smith
Black Hawk, Jacob m/26 Black Hawk, Jacob
Black Hawk, Katie f/8 Black Hawk, Katie
Black Hawk, Sofa f/44 Sophia (Mrs. Josiah Headman)
Black Hawk, Wayne m/3m Black Hawk, Wayne
Brown, Biona f/5 Brown, Biona
Brown, Charles Diamond m/9 Brown, Charles Diamond
Brown, Frank m/3 Brown, Frank E.
Brown, James Non-nee m/11 Brown, James
Brown, John Ho-pay-day m/38 Brown, John
Brown, Mary E-nu-a-ho-me-ton f/40 Enuahometon, Mary
Brown, Samuel m/6m Brown, Samuel
Burgess, Ralph m/8m Burgess, Ralph
Burgess, Stella f/2 Burgess, Stella
Burgess, William Hoo-hay m/27 Burgess, William
Carson, Fannie Ne-wah-he-ne-ne-me f/13 Carson, Fannie
Carson, Frank Mon-ton-way m/36 Carson, Frank
Carson, Frank Jr m/8 Carson, Frank Jr
Carson, George Nat Tar-e-tah-ha m/10 Carson, George Nat
Carson, Joseph Hurley m/2 Carson, Joseph Hurley
Carson, Mary No-chee-me f/35 DeRoin, Mary
Carson, Mary L. f/4m Carson, Mary L.
Cha-kee-nar-chee-ne-me f/61
Chamberlain, Alphretta W. f/41
Chapaw, Caroline Ke-gwar-o-me f/59 Kegwarome, Caroline
Chapaw, William m/46 Chawpaw, William
Che-no-ra-da-wa-me Che-no-ra-da-wa-me f/84 Chenoradawame
Childs, David m/9 Childs, David
Childs, Eva f/16 Childs, Eva
Childs, Harry m/20 Childs, Harry
Childs, John May-yea-su-cha m/36 Childs, John Jones
Childs, Nannie Wa-con-da-tee-me f/18 Childs, Nannie
Childs, Vida f/9 Childs, Vida
Cleghorn, Grant Son-ton-tay-may m/7 Cleghorn, Grant
Cleghorn, James m/40 Cleghorn, James
Cleghorn, Jane O-chay-tom-me f/28 Bassett, Jane
Cleghorn, William Chee-naw-ruch-ee m/12 Cleghorn, William
Clifton, Blanche f/4 Clifton, Blanche
Clifton, Clara Barton f/5m Clifton, Clara Barton
Clifton, Effie May f/6 Clifton, Effie May
Clifton, Joseph m/2 Clifton, Joseph
Clifton, Josephine f/8 Clifton, Josephine
Clifton, Mary f/28 LaDue, Mary Susan
Collier, Daisy f/16 Collier, Daisy
Coon Skin, Iowa Min-kay-ha-ha m/44 Coon Skin, Iowa
Coon Skin, Mary H. f/43 Ma-ra-me, Mary
Daily, Belle Washington f/18 Robedeaux, Belle
Daily, Charles Washington So-jay-ing-a m/25 Dailey, Charles Washington
Daily, Ernest Washington m/6m Dailey, Ernest Washington
Daily, Ethel f/5d Dailey, Ethel
Daily, George Washington Wo-chin-tay-hay m/27 Dailey, George Washington
Daily, James B. Che-wah-ho-ne-ton m/25 Dailey, James B.
Daily, John Lee m/3 Dailey, John Lee
Daily, Kate Washington Isheh-ton-ton-ee f/23 Samuel, Kate
Daily, Lee Che-wo-che-he m/21 Dailey, Lee C.
Daily, Lena f/13 Dailey, Lena
Daily, Lizzie Washington f/4 Dailey, Elizabeth Washington
Daily, Rosa LaDue f/26 LaDue, Rosa
Daily, Samuel Washington m/1 Dailey, Samuel Washington
Daily, Truman Washington m/6m Dailey, Truman Washington
Daily, Wesley Washington m/6m Dailey, Wesley Washington
Dent, Anna Diamond f/8 Dent, Anna Diamond
Dent, Hoke S. Par-tha-ing-a m/54 Dent, Hoke S.
Dent, Josie Chee-wa-ha-may-ton-ee f/18 Dent, Josie
Dent, Leslie m/2 Dent, Leslie
Dent, Millie E-ah-la-me f/18 Dent, Millie
Dent, Miriam Na-sa-to-no-me f/39 Nasatonome, Miriam
Dent, Ralph m/14 Dent, Ralph
Dent, Theodosia f/4m Dent, Theodosia
Deroin, Alice f/23 Bathedaheyme, Alice
Deroin, Baptiste m/1 DeRoin, Baptiste
Deroin, Birdie Jackson Ne-waw-shay-gay-me f/30 Pickering, Birdie
Deroin, Catherine f/16 DeRoin, Catherine
Deroin, Charles m/20 DeRoin, Charles
Deroin, Emma f/2 DeRoin, Emma
Deroin, James m/13 DeRoin, James
Deroin, John m/21 DeRoin, John
Deroin, John Sr m/71 DeRoin, John
Deroin, Logan m/11 DeRoin, Logan
Deroin, Louis m/9 DeRoin, Louis
Deroin, Maria Wa-no-tho-chee-me f/40 Wa-na-tho-che-me, Maria
Deroin, Mitchell m/36 DeRoin, Mitchell
Deroin, Rachel Ar-wee-chee-way-me f/54 Arweecheewayme, Rachel
Deroin, Rosa f/1 DeRoin, Rosa
Diamond, Anna O-haw-gree-kay-me f/27 Ohawgreekayme, Anna
Diamond, Bert m/34 Diamond, Bert
Diamond, Frank m/3 Diamond, Frank
Diamond, Nancy f/2 Diamond, Nancy
Diamond, William m/8
Doty, John Me-lach-ee m/42 Doty, John
Doty, Mary I. Wa-con-da-ru-che-me f/43 Wa-con-da-ru-che-me, Mary
Ellis, Samuel m/37 Ellis, Samuel
Ely, Albert m/37 Ely, Albert
Ely, Alice f/9m
Ely, Claude Ar-dath-a m/14 Ely, Claude
Ely, Guy m/2
Ely, Hildegarde Childs Par-the-me f/49 Partheme, Hildegarde
Ely, James Mo-de-you m/8 Ely, James
Ely, Katie Carson f/17 Carson, Katie
Ely, Lee m/18 Ely, Lee
Ely, Louis Ma-yea-gee-ma-la-kin-yea m/33 Ely, Louis
Ely, Mary f/6 Ely, Mary
Ely, Nancy f/36 Nancy (Mrs. Louis Ely)
Ely, Robert m/2
Ely, Sarah O-rach-e-me f/12 Ely, Sarah
Ely, Thomas m/5 Ely, Thomas Frank
English, Frances O. A-wa-che-he-me f/50 Awacheheme, Frances O.
English, Frank O. Op-po-hom-mon-nee m/54 English, Frank O.
English, Harry My-yun-da-hay m/29 English, Harry
English, Reuben m/4 English, Reuben
English, William Hon-waw-taw-gree m/18 English, William
FawFaw, Alice f/3 Faw Faw, Alice
FawFaw, Blaine Nee-uou-ing-a m/11 Faw Faw, Blaine
FawFaw, Lizzie He-wo-sheck-a-me f/17 Faw Faw, Lizzie
FawFaw, Louis m/1 Faw Faw, Louis
FawFaw, Lucy R. May-ray-gray-me f/27 Missouri Chief, Lucy R.
FawFaw, Morgan m/13 Faw Faw, Morgan
FawFaw, Pearl Woolsey Ee-chay-nee-nee-me f/8 Faw Faw, Pearl Woolsey
FawFaw, William Waw-no-she m/44 Faw Faw, William
Garrison, Louis May-law-coo-daw m/16 Garrison, Louis
Garrison, Mary f/9 Garrison, Mary
Gawhega, Hettie Childs f/24 Hettie (Mrs. Harry Gawhega)
Gawhega, Robert Childs My-yum-free m/10 Gawhega, Robert Childs
Gawheya, Harry Childs Gaw-hu-ga m/35 Gawhega, Harry Childs
Gawheya, Lulu Childs f/6m Gawhega, Lulu Childs
Gawheya, Raymond Childs m/7 Gawhega, Raymond Childs
Grant, Anna f/4 Grant, Anna G.
Grant, Edward m/2 Grant, Edward
Grant, Frank m/3 Grant, Frank G.
Grant, Mary Ely Ho-nec-chre-me f/36 Honecchreme, Mary
Grant, Mary McGlaslin f/20 McGlaslin, Mary
Grant, Thelma f/6m Grant, Thelma G.
Grant, Theodosia f/1d
Green, Albert Hah-ree-go-hee m/46 Green, Albert
Green, Alice f/7 Green, Alice
Green, Charles William m/3 Green, Charles William
Green, Hettie f/37 Hettie (Mrs. Albert Green)
Green, Hinda A-waw-tog-ra-me f/28 Awawtograme, Hinda
Green, John m/4 Green, John
Green, Mary E-cherch-e-me f/39 E-chick-e-me, Mary
Green, Stella f/7m
Green, William m/34 Green, William
Harper, Cleo Vella f/
Harragarra, Moses Shun-haw-ing-a m/16 Harragarra, Moses George
Harragarra, Wilbur m/
Har-ti-coo Har-ti-coo m/50 Hartico
Harticoo, Ida Maw-shon-pe-may f/7 Hartico, Ida
Harticoo, Thomas m/24 Hartico, Thomas
Ha-wa-pe-me Ha-wa-pe-me f/84 Hawapeme
Headman Josiah m/55 Headman, Josiah Robert
Hillis, Jane Hoo-scoon-ee-me f/70
Hillis, John m/21 Hillis, John
Hillis, Lydia Jackson f/22 Hoograme, Lydia
Hillis, William Cha-the-ha m/30
Hillis, William Jr m/3m
Homoratha, Horton m/9 Homoratha, Horton
Homoratha, Mariah f/3 Homoratha, Mariah
Honwayscotcheme, Jane f/64
Hoogradora, George m/21 Hoogradora, George
Hoogradora, Lulu W. f/18 Dailey, Lulu Washington
Hudson, Glen f/1 Hudson, Glen
Hudson, John Wah-ar-ke-toh-gree-way m/24 Hudson, John
Hudson, Julia Chee-don-way f/20 White, Julia
Hudson, Sarah H. m/5 Hudson, Sarah H.
Hun-do-ya-me Hun-do-ya-me f/74
Hutchinson, Hattie f/8 Hutchinson, Hattie
Hutchinson, Julia f/13 Hutchinson, Julia
Jackson, Carrie f/13 Jackson, Carrie
Jackson, Emmit m/14 Jackson, Emmett
Jackson, Garry Oor-branch-ee-ming-ee m/42 Jackson, Garry
Jackson, Henry m/4 Jackson, Henry L.
Jackson, Jessie f/6 Jackson, Jessie
Jackson, Julia Pettit Do-way-jee-dee-me f/39 Wacherame, Julia
Jackson, May f/8 Jackson, May
Jackson, Susan f/30 Susan (Mrs. Garry Jackson)
Jackson, Wendall m/40 Jackson, Wendall
Jeans, Della f/10 Jeans, Della
Jeans, Edmo m/ Jeans, Edmore
Jeans, Edmo m/6
Jeans, Eliza E-wa-ton-la-me f/5 Jeans, Eliza
Jeans, Hibbard m/24 Jeans, Hibbard
Jeans, Joseph Waw-nath-ka-way m/38 Jeans, Joseph
Jeans, Maggie f/27 Watson, Maggie
Jeans, Samuel m/8
Jones, Baptiste m/13 Jones, Baptiste
Jones, Clem Waw-to-kash-kay m/40 Jones, Clem
Jones, Edward m/5 Jones, Edward
Jones, Henry Hay-lay-taw-hee m/41 Jones, Henry
Jones, Hugh m/3
Jones, James Grow-gaw m/17
Jones, Julia f/39 DeRoin, Julia
Jones, Luke m/17
Jones, Mary f/14 Jones, Mary
Jones, Nellie Bly f/5
Jones, Rachel Maw-naw-to-me f/36 Mawnawtome, Rachel
Jones, Sally f/9 Jones, Sallie
Jones, Susette f/10 Jones, Susette
Kent, Mary f/9 Kent, Mary
Kent, Woolsey m/7 Kent, Woolsey
LaDue, Amarbe m/6 LaDue, Amarbe
LaDue, Emily Deroin f/42 DeRoin, Emily
LaDue, John m/15 LaDue, John A.
LaDue, Joseph m/8 LaDue, Joseph H.
LaDue, Julia f/13 LaDue, Julia
LaDue, Laura f/16 LaDue, Laura
Lightfoot, Charles m/7 Lightfoot, Charles Frank
Lincoln, Samuel B. Chay-taw-ca-ing-a m/25 Lincoln, Samuel B.
Little Crow, Emma Wo-chee-me f/43 Wocheeme, Emma
Little Crow, Henry Cah-hay-ing-a m/44 Littlecrow, Henry
Little Crow, Herman m/14 Littlecrow, Herman
Little Crow, James m/22 Littlecrow, James
Little Crow, Rosa f/6 Littlecrow, Rosa
McCrary, Rachel Ewo-ji-gre-me f/50 McCrary, Rachel
McGlaslin, Benjamin m/21 McGlaslin, Benjamin
McGlaslin, Charles m/8 McGlaslin, Charles
McGlaslin, Daniel m/9 McGlaslin, Daniel
McGlaslin, Eliza A. f/18 Moncooyea, Eliza A.
McGlaslin, Eliza J. f/ McGlaslin, Eliza J.
McGlaslin, Ellen Hon-ee-kee-mon-ree f/46 Honeekeemonree, Ellen
McGlaslin, Ida f/2 McGlaslin, Ida
McGlaslin, John m/5 McGlaslin, John
McGlaslin, Louisa f/1
McGlaslin, Robert Mon-ta-coo-hee m/49 McGlaslin, Robert
McGlaslin, Walter m/14 McGlaslin, Walter
Ma-dar-war-me Ma-dar-war-me f/49
Mahee, Anna May f/6 Mahee, Anna May
Mahee, Charles m/73 Mahee, Charles
Mahee, Guinevere E-no-wa-com-me f/38 Eno-wa-com-me, Guinevere
Mahee, Hiatt m/6m Mahee, Hiatt
Mar-yea-ha-ree Mar-yea-ha-ree f/67
Me-hun-tha-ga Me-hun-tha-ga f/62 Me-hun-tha-ga
Missouri Chief m/69 Missouri Chief
Missouri Chief, Hilda He-no-es-che-che f/73
Moncooyea, Charles m/9 Moncooyea, Charles
Moncooyea, Emily f/22 Emily (Mrs. John Moncooyea)
Moncooyea, Harace m/1 Moncooyea, Harace
Moncooyea, James m/8 Moncooyea, James
Moncooyea, John m/40 Moncooyea, John
Moncooyea, Ruth f/3 Moncooyea, Ruth
Mon-e-wa-coo-me Mon-e-wa-coo-me f/73 Mon-e-wa-coo-me
Moore, Charles Ha-nath m/16 Moore, Charles E.
Moore, Ellen War-ta-gre-me f/13 Moore, Ellen
Moore, Fannie f/2 Moore, Fannie
Moore, Frank Mon-e-hoo-hay m/33 Moore, Frank
Moore, Lizzie f/4 Moore, Lizzie
Moore, Mary Daily f/22 Dailey, Mary
Moore, Peter Louis m/2m Moore, Peter Louis
Moore, Sam Ma-ha-na-ee m/3m
Muskagaha, Enid P. Pa-don-e-che-me f/63 Padonecheme, Enid
Muskagaha, John m/59 Muskagaha, John
Muskagaha, Meta f/13 Muskagaha, Meta
Myyoucus, John m/18 Myyucus, John
Nee-o-scotch-e-me Nee-o-scotch-e-me f/71
Ne-ra-co-da-wa-me Ne-ra-co-da-wa-me f/81
Ne-so-ja-me Ne-so-ja-me f/52 Nesojame
Nochee, Mary f/63 Nochee, Mary
No-or-kee-gra-me No-or-kee-gra-me f/69
O-tar-to-me O-tar-to-me f/71
Par-gro-ha-me Par-gro-ha-me f/72 Pargrohame
Pettit, Ada War-naw-he-me f/29 Warnawheme, Ada
Pettit, Alex m/1 Pettit, Alexander
Pettit, Carlisle Cra-graw-grow-ka m/7 Pettit, Carlisle
Pettit, David Waw-chee-hay-mon-nee m/32 Pettit, David
Pettit, Ella f/4 Pettit, Ella
Pettit, John Kay-law-dee-ha m/32 Pettit, John
Pettit, Lulu f/1 Pettit, Lula
Pettit, Madge Wa-con-da-wa-kee-no-me f/10 Pettit, Madge
Pettit, Milton m/2 Pettit, James Milton
Pettit, Pauline f/1m Pettit, Pauline
Pettit, Sarah Hraw-chee-me f/23 Hrawcheeme, Sarah
Pickering, Blue Bird Cha-dwis-ta m/51 Pickering, Blue-Bird
Pickering, David m/18 Pickering, David
Pickering, Gertrude f/2 Pickering, Gertrude
Pickering, Harriet Naw-waw-ruch-e-me f/54
Pickering, Harry m/
Pickering, Isaac m/6 Pickering, Isaac
Pickering, James m/25 Pickering, James
Pickering, Minnie R. Man-naw-ee-me f/27 Arkeketa, Minnie R.
Pickering, Robert Mar-yea-pe-wa-hee m/24 Pickering, Robert
Pickering, Sadie Lay-gaw-chee-me f/17 Pickering, Sadie
Pickering, Sewall m/1 Pickering, Sewall
Pipestem, Charles Six Bits Min-day-haw-don-nee m/28 Pipestem, Charles
Pipestem, Dick m/2 Pipestem, Dick
Pipestem, Ella f/4 Pipestem, Ella
Pipestem, Fannie f/1m
Pipestem, Frank m/1 Pipestem, Frank
Pipestem, George m/9 Pipestem, George L.
Pipestem, John m/31 Pipestem, John
Pipestem, Mary f/5 Pipestem, Mary
Pipestem, Maude Esther f/24 Missouri Chief, Maude Esther
Pipestem, Ruth Lucy Bar-the-ho-way-me f/20 Barthehowayme, Ruth Lucy
Pipestem, Samuel m/7 Pipestem, Samuel
Plumley, Anna Jackson f/39 Jackson, Anna
Plumley, Charles m/1
Plumley, Ida f/2 Plumley, Ida
Plumley, John D. m/5 Plumley, John D.
Plumley, Joseph Wa-con-da-hun-cha m/40 Plumley, Joseph
Plumley, Oliver m/2 Plumley, Oliver
Plumley, Sarah f/25
Powell, Della O-he-ne-me f/21
Red Eagle, Susette f/20
Rich, Alex m/4m Rich, Alex
Rich, Ben m/39 Rich, Benjamin
Rich, Frank m/3 Rich, Frank
Rich, Julia Pickering f/22 Mahee, Julia
Rich, Lizzie Tun-a-pa-che-me f/51
Robedeaux, Anna f/42 Gawhega, Anna
Robedeaux, Antoine m/50 Robedeaux, Antoine
Robedeaux, Antoine Jr m/3 Robedeaux, Antoine Jr
Robedeaux, Bessie W. f/20 Bessie Wapache
Robedeaux, Carrie f/2
Robedeaux, Charles m/9 Robedeaux, Charles A.
Robedeaux, E. f/5
Robedeaux, Edward m/17 Robedeaux, Edward
Robedeaux, Emily f/12 Robedeaux, Emily
Robedeaux, Ethel f/6m
Robedeaux, Fannie f/22 Littlecrow, Fannie
Robedeaux, Fannie L. f/7 Robedeaux, Fannie L.
Robedeaux, Felix A-waw-tah m/44 Robedeaux, Felix
Robedeaux, Florence f/2
Robedeaux, Frank m/20 Robedeaux, Frank
Robedeaux, Helen C. f/6m
Robedeaux, John m/1 Robedeaux, John
Robedeaux, John Richard m/4 Robedeaux, John Richard
Robedeaux, Joseph m/6 Robedeaux, Joseph
Robedeaux, Libbie f/9
Robedeaux, Lizette f/15 Robedeaux, Lizette
Robedeaux, Louis m/37 Robedeaux, Louis
Robedeaux, Mary f/8m Robedeaux, Mary
Robedeaux, Mary f/1 Robedeaux, Mary
Robedeaux, Mary A-ma-tom-me f/48 Amatomme, Mary
Robedeaux, Pearl f/9 Robedeaux, Pearl
Robedeaux, Rachel H. How-a-coo-ja-me f/39 Howacoojame, Rachel E.
Robedeaux, Richard Mon-to-no-yea m/74 Robedeaux, Richard
Rulo, Laura f/41 DeRoin, Laura
Rulo, Louis m/5 Rulo, Louis
Rulo, Mary f/4 Rulo, Mary
Saunders, Harry m/7 Saunders, Harry
Saunders, Henry m/9m Saunders, Henry
Saunders, John m/35 Saunders, John
Saunders, Laura Jones f/13 Jones, Laura
Saunders, Mabel f/6 Saunders, Mabel
Saunders, Mary f/37 Mary (Mrs. John Saunders)
Saunders, Minnie f/4 Saunders, Minnie
Shadlow, Frank m/24 Shadlow, Frank
Shadlow, Morton m/1 Shadlow, Martin
Shadlow, Nellie f/26 Nellie (Mrs. Frank Shadlow)
Shadlow, William m/35 Shadlow, William
Shunatona, Juanita f/2m Shunatona, Juanita N.
Shunatona, Richard Cha-to-ba m/24 Shunatona, Richard W.
Smith, Ella f/5 Smith, Ella Irene
Smith, Tom A-War-oon-too-hay m/30 Smith, Tom
Thar-o-mon-nee Thar-o-mon-nee m/59
Tillman, Augusta LaDue f/19 LaDue, Augusta
Tillman, Frances f/3 Tillman, Frances
Tillman, Frank m/4m Tillman, Frank
Tillman, Jessie f/5 Tillman, Jessie
Tillman, Leona f/2 Tillman, Leona
Tillman, Lizzie LaDue f/22 LaDue, Lizzie
Tillman, Melvin m/9m Tillman, Melvin
U-ra-me U-ra-me f/49
Wacondakeeper, Ione May-ka-ta-wa-che-me f/44
Wacondakeeper, John m/51
Wapache, Jennie f/11
Wapache, Josiah m/48
Warren, Kate B. f/38 Barnes, Katherine
Watson, Charles m/48 Watson, Charles
Watson, Sarah H. f/54 Sarah H. (Mrs. Charles Watson)
White, Corbett Shun-ga-thka m/3 White, Corbett
White, Edgar Mon-to-man-nay m/7 White, Edgar
White Horn, Charles m/25 Whitehorn, Charles
White Horn, Phoemie I. f/18 Insthamontha, Phoemie
White Horse, Rachel Gree-chee-me f/61 Greecheeme, Rachel
White Horse, Richard Shun-ga-thka m/64 White Horse, Richard
White Horse, Sallie Atkins Oo-hrath-kay-me f/34 Atkins, Sallie
White Mule, Dora Ot-woc-say-wa-me f/44 Otwocsaywame, Dora
White Mule, Henry Na-toi-hun-ga-thka-ing-a m/36 White Mule, Henry
White Mule, Julie Sha-gra-she-gra-me f/12 White Mule, Julie
Whitewater, James m/55 Whitewater, James
Whitewater, Mary Hay-no-co-ton-ee f/59 Henocotome, Mary
Whitewater, Nettie f/4 Whitewater, Nettie
Whitewater, Susie Can-tha-hay-me m/68 Contheeme, Susie
Wild Bird, Angelina f/ Wild Bird, Angelina
Wild Bird, Hazel f/2 Wild Bird, Hazel
Wild Bird, Jack m/24 Wild Bird, Jack
Wild Bird, Mary Kent f/32 Collier, Mary
Woodin, Hebe M. E-ches-scoon-e-me f/44 Echesscooneme, Hebe
Woodin, L. E. m/60 Woodin, L. E.
Young, Josephine Deroin f/15 DeRoin, Josephine
Young, J. Roe m/18 Young, J. Roe
Young, Thomas Law-chay-gree m/18 Young, Thomas

Shortly after the original allotments were assigned, the Otoe-Missouria petitioned the Commissioner to revise the schedule.


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