Otoe-Missouria Allotment Schedule 1904

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Shortly after the original allotments were assigned, the Otoe-Missouria petitioned the Commissioner to revise the schedule to include newly-born children and to provide a more equitable distribution to previous allotees. It was decided that the final allotment would include all persons living on 30 June 1904. In other words, children who were born after the first allotment, but who were deceased before the second allotment, received no allotment.

The following list was adapted for the web from The Otoes and Missourias by Berlin Basil Chapman, pages 393-394, Appendix C, Times Journal Publishing Company (Stillwater, OK), 1965.

Allotment Schedule 1904 – 1906

Allotment Name Age Genealogy Database
Alley, David m/6 Alley, David
Alley, Louisa f/4 Alley, Louise
Alley, Mable f/2 Alley, Mabel
Atkins, Harvey R. m/1 Atkins, Harvey R.
Atkins, William m/3 Atkins, William
Barnes, Ethel Lewis f/2 Barnes, Ethel L.
Barnes, Frederic H. m/4 Barnes, Frederick H.
Barnes, Helen f/3 Barnes, Helen
Barnes, Howard m/4 Barnes, Howard
Barnes, Marion m/5 Barnes, Marion
Barnes, Roy C. m/2 Barnes, Roy G.
Bassett, Mary f/1
Big Soldier, Robert m/1 Big Soldier, Robert
Blackhawk, Amos m/1 Black Hawk, Amos D.
Brown, Lydia f/4 Brown, Lydia
Burgess, Roy m/4 Burgess, Roy
Childs, George m/1 Childs, George M.
Cleghorn, Emmit m/3 Cleghorn, Emmett
Clifton, Beatrice f/4 Clifton, Beatrice
Clifton, Claude R. m/3 Clifton, Claude R.
Dailey, Dewey W. m/6 Dailey, Dewey Washington
Dailey, Esther f/6 Dailey, Esther
Dailey, Frankie m/ Dailey, Frank
Dailey, James B. m/ Dailey, James B.
Dailey, Joseph m/ Dailey, Joseph
Dailey, Lena f/3 Dailey, Mamie
Deroin, Earnest m/2
Deroin, Frank m/2 DeRoin, Franklin
Deroin, Joseph m/6 DeRoin, Joseph
Deroin, Rosa f/3 Deroin, Rosa
Deroin, William F. m/3 Deroin, William F.
Diamond, Myrtle f/3 Diamond, Martha
Diamond, Rhoda f/5 Diamond, Rhoda
Dupee, Edna f/2 Dupee, Edna
FawFaw Davis m/1
FawFaw, Riley W. m/3 Faw Faw, Riley W.
Grant, Vestina f/6 Grant, Vestina
Grant, William m/3 Grant, William
Green, Edward m/3
Green, George m/4 Green, George
Green, John W. m/3 Green, John W.
Harragara, Wilbur m/6 Harragarra, Wilbur
Hudson, Herbert m/6 Hudson, Herbert
Hudson, Ida f/2 Hudson, Ida
Jeans, Anna f/3
Jeans, Jessie f/1
Jones, John m/1 Childs, John Jones
Kent, Gail C. m/1 Kent, Gail C.
Koshiway, Iva L. f/2 Koshiway, Lavina
Little Crow, Murray m/6 Littlecrow, Murray
Moore, Edgar m/3 Moore, Edgar
Moore, Hildegarde f/4 Moore, Hildegarde
Moore, Sidney m/3 Moore, Sidney
Pettit, Ada f/
Pettit, Frank m/4 Pettit, Frank
Pettit, Lula f/2 Pettit, Lulu
Pickering, George m/4
Pickering, Nellie f/5 Pickering, Nora
Pipestem, Julia f/3 Pipestem, Julia
Pipestem, William m/3 Pipestem, William
Plumley, Albert m/2 Plumley, Albert
Plumley, Joe m/6 Plumley, Joseph Jr.
Rich, Mary f/6 Rich, Mary Anna
Robedeaux, Daisy f/3 Robedeaux, Daisy
Robedeaux, Teresa f/6 Robedeaux, Theresa
Robedeaux, William m/1 Robedeaux, William C.
Shadlow, Adah f/2 Shadlow, Ada
Shadlow, William m/3 Shadlow, William
Shonatona, Baptiste “Bat” m/3 Shunatona, Baptiste B.
Shonatona, Jos m/4 Shunatona, Joseph P.
Tillman, Ethel f/4 Tillman, Ethel
Tillman, Leafy f/3 Tillman, Leafy
Wild Bird, Emma f/6 Wild Bird, Emma
Wild Bird, Violet f/4 Wild Bird, Violet
Wild Bird, William m/1 Wild Bird, William
Young, Joseph m/4 Young, Joseph


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