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Posted By BrokenClaw on January 2, 2007

The Otoe-Missouria genealogy database includes members and descendants of the Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Oklahoma, who purchased land and established their last reservation in the Cherokee Strip of what is now north-central Oklahoma in 1881. The database also includes other members of families who married into the Otoe-Missouria tribe. This database is an extension of my research of our own family genealogy of Dewey W. Dailey.

Go to the Otoe-Missouria Genealogy Database on RootsWeb.com.

My research is conducted primarily online. I do not live in Oklahoma, so I do not have personal access to interview tribal members or to do research at the tribal office or local libraries. Consequently, it’s doubtful that I could answer anyone else’s inquiries with information which is not already posted here. However, I welcome your additions to the genealogy database. Those who wish to add their family to the database, or contribute additional information about someone already included, please use the Comment form at the bottom of this page. Keep in mind that any additions should follow these guidelines:

  1. The genealogy must include at least one of the alloted tribal members.
  2. Please include as much specific data as possible, including dates of birth and death.
  3. Unless you send me digital photocopies of documents, digital photos of tombstones, etc., the source will be noted as family history.

By default, I protect the privacy of anyone whose birth date falls after 1930 (the last published census) and who does not have a date of death recorded in the database. However, I will gladly hide or remove other individuals on request.

A narrative of the tribe’s migration is given on the History page, but it is significant to relate their movements to the concurrent governmental changes. Place names in this database use the official designation in effect at the time. In other words, a family may have one child born in Indian Territory in 1889 and another child born in Oklahoma Territory in 1891, even though they were, in fact, born at the same location.

  • 1854 – Otoe-Missouria reservation is established at the Big Blue River on the border between Kansas and Nebraska Territories, primarily Gage County, Nebraska Territory.
  • 1861 – Kansas Territory becomes the state of Kansas.
  • 1867 – Nebraska Territory becomes the state of Nebraska.
  • 1881 – Otoe-Missouria reservation is established in the Cherokee Strip of Indian Territory.
  • 1890 – Part of Indian Territory becomes Oklahoma Territory.
  • 1907 – Oklahoma Territory becomes the state of Oklahoma.

After allotment the Otoe-Missouria Reservation was officially abolished by Act of Congress, and the land was incorporated into Noble and Pawnee Counties. Nevertheless, the tribe continued to refer to the land as the Reservation. In this database, for tribal members born within those counties, I list their place of birth as the Reservation, without regard to actual municipal boundaries or property lines.

Dates of birth were obtained from several sources: the US censuses, the tribal censuses, the Social Security Death Index, cemetery surveys, and published obituaries. Quite often these sources contradict each other. During the annual Otoe-Missouria Encampment of 2007, I surveyed the entire tribal cemetery and recorded all legible graves markers. For the purpose of this database, the dates inscribed on the grave markers take precedence above all others. For other persons, if no precise birthdate was available, I used the age on the census. For individuals with no age documentation, I estimated the birthdate from the age of parents, spouse, and/or children, in order to put them in historical context for the indexes. Additional sources are cited on the References page and are duly footnoted in the genealogy database.

Most Otoe-Missouria did not use surnames until the late 1800s when the tribe was moving to Indian Territory. For individuals who had no English name, for the purpose of this database I spelled their Indian name without hyphens. For female spouses where the maiden name is either unknown or nonexistent, I used the woman’s Indian name as her surname for indexing purposes. Obviously Indian names are unique to each individual and have no connection with other members of their family.


32 Responses to “Otoe-Missouria Genealogy”

  1. I am Mifawnwy D Carlson, Pawnee. When I was born 04-07-42 my father Roy Gilmore (dob 08-02-1920) named me after ‘his cousin’ Mifaunwy D Shaunatona.
    Where can I find any information about her…beyond her title of Miss Oklahoma.
    Did she have children? Where is she now etc. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks,

    • BrokenClaw says:

      Your namesake spelled her name MIFAUNWY. If you do a search on the Internet for “Mifaunwy Shunatona”, you will find numerous references to her life as an author and activist for native American interests. She was married to Willard HINES, who died in 2009, but I do not know if they had any children. I will send you more info in email. You should be proud to be named after such a fine representative of the tribe.

  2. Tim Mays says:

    My grandpa was chap Tillman my grandma was Ella koshiway….Charles and Ella had three children …Ophelia Denise Tillman …Barry Owen Tillman and my mother.Diane arkeketa Tillman aunt Denise already died….that leaves my uncle Owen and my mother…Owen has no Children …Denise called Debbie and I her kids…I am Tim. Mays… my sister is Deborah hunter… My grandma Ella had 3 children before she met my grandpa

  3. I am the great grand daughter of Charles Six Bits Pipestem. I would like to add some info to your data. I have 2 sisters, Dawn Pipestem Dubrul , born 10/04/59, and Meredith Pipestem Zanella.born 02/22/62 I also have a brother, Brian Hosmer Pipestem. born 12/25/67 My father was William Joseph Pipestem. I’m looking for any info on my fathers family. Unfortunately he passed away and didn’t leave much info. I am Nine, born 02/17/65 and any info or direction towards info you could help me with would be great!

    • Brenda Highley says:

      This is for Nine Pipestem. You are my cousin. My grandfather is William Jerro Pipestem and Charlie is my great grandfather. My mother spoke of your father. I wish there was a way for me to leave a contact for you. But it is nice to know that Uncle Bill has children and I have new relatives.

  4. Brandi Tohee says:

    I am the daughter of Wayne Tohee. Please contact me so you can add my information to his Rootsweb. Thanks!

  5. tommy younge says:

    am looking for anything on Thomas Powell Younge, Tommy

  6. william Faw Faw says:

    My great grandfather was william Faw Faw. Ive been told that his dad was named lewis Faw Faw. What I need to know is if, his dad name was Josheph Benard.plus what his mothers name was? Ive been told they made a home near Fondu lac, wisconsin. and that it was her people that give him his Indian name of “Faw Faw”. Who was her people?

  7. Danny Driesel says:

    Would like ant info on my Great Grandmother Rosa Main whos father was Joseph w. Main mother Mary Fink. Rosa married Jasper Newton Stanley. They livied in the Noble County Ok. Red Rock OK. Would like to know what tribe they were in and what percent of American Indian they were. My Grandmother Myrtle Ethel Stanley Rosa daughter who married William Driesel who William died in Oct 1928. Myrtle movied with her sons my dad Everett Earl Driesel to Jerome Idaho. I was born in Wendell Idaho June 1947 and have 3 brothers and one sisters. My father Married Margaret Miller in apr 1934. Please help me. Thanks

  8. Ashlee Jacobsen says:

    Hello. My grandma’s aunt was Vestina Murray Mahee… I have a family tree of the Murray side. I am looking for grandma Vestina’s Family… Could someone contact me… monkapeme@yahoo.com is my email.

  9. Robert Michael Crofoot - White Chief says:

    Dear family, and Chiefs, I have completed my 1st Discourse recently, called “The Legend of White Stag”, which I will speak at a pow-wow when I get the opportunity to, at our Reservation in Gage, NE.. Please give my best regards to Chief Richard White Horse’s surviving family members in our tribe, as they are my closest living Otoe Indian relatives now. Chief White Horse was/is my Great, great, great, great Grandfather, always. His Squaw was/is Rachel Running Horse, whom is my Great, great, great, great Grandmother, always. Peaceyay eternas, to our entire tribe, and I will bring more news periodically to our family, through this site and/or similar site(s). My Otoe Indian name in our Otoe Indian Native language = “Wah neh hee wah”, always.

  10. Vestina Gossett says:

    To Shelley Brady… I am the great-great-granddaughter of Charles Mahee (born 1820) and Guinevere, Eno-Wa-Com-Me (1860); my great-grandparents are Hiatt Mahee (born 1898) and Vestina Murray (1902-1963); and my grandmother is Beatrice Mahee. Hiatt Mahee and Vestina Murray had two other living children, Genevieve, and Otis.

  11. Dona Olsen says:

    In compring the names of the Ioway tribe of Oklahoma, with the names of the
    Ioway tribe of Kansas and Nebraska, I noticed that there seems to be some
    families seperated , with no consideration given to the family unit.
    It appears to me that my people (WHITECLOUD) were moved about, at the will
    of people who gave no thought to human feelings.
    I would like to have your thoughts on this.
    Perhaps you could advise me of reading material that would help me to better
    understand the whys and wherefores of the establishment of the Oklahoma
    territory, called Indian territory.
    Thank you

  12. Rebecca Ward says:

    Your site has helped me so much in fixing a blood quantum dispute on my card. I do have some additions for you. The children of Francis Marion Ward and Gertrude M. Hilemand are Nina Fay Ward, Marion V. Ward, Leroy Fred Ward (my father), Percila Dawn Ward, and Lois Irene Ward. My father, Leroy F. Ward was married to someone before he married my mother, I will look up her name for you if you’d like, and their children are Richard Ward and Donna Ward. My mother’s name is Stephanie C. Carter. I, Rebecca Dawn Ward, am their only child together. I was born 7/24/1988 in Ponca City, OK. Leroy F. Ward was born on 2/7/1937 in Great Bend, KS. I can look up more of the information for you if you would like. I have a whole book of pedigree charts that have the information and some pictures if you would like copies.

  13. BrokenClaw says:

    I do have Op-Pa-Hom-Mon-Ne (various spellings) in my genealogy database:

    Later in life he used the name Frank O. English, and the surname was carried to his male descendants. You can find several photos of him in the Smithsonian collection if you go to the Research site at http://www.siris.si.edu/ and ener OTOE in the search box. Here is one such photo: http://sirismm.si.edu/naa/baegn/gn_03837.jpg

    I also have a photo of his gravestone if you are interested.

  14. S.Black says:

    My family enjoy your website. It is very informative and well written. I have another Otoe by the name of Bull Elk Walking , Op-Pa-Hom-Mon-Ne; Wondering if you have any information about him. Thanks for the informative and interesting site.

  15. Chewhonecoul says:

    I was always wondering why the name Big Wing after Missouri Chief and then the listing of his son missouri chief born in 1823 Big Wing was born in 1826, I never checked out these birthdates. Do you know if James B. Daileys Father Missouri chief was also named RED WING I found this on a document that named his mother correctly as aha che ke saw je me and also someone from Iowa called me on the phone, he was looking for a relative to big wing and talking about a Rifle that Big Wing sold on reservation land. He was researching some kind of historic stuff about the OTOES. sunke thrka washichuxkara american


  16. Rowana Jo Ward Condry says:

    Broken Claw,
    To the girl who wrote about her grandmother Letha Ward…she was my Aunt, my fathers sister…and her info is listed under the Ward name. Also have other info on my father…he was married twice before….

  17. BrokenClaw says:

    I can only confirm the records that I have. The 1886 through 1898 tribal census shows that Guinevere was the wife of Charles Mahee. His age is not consistently reported, but it’s clear that he was at least 35 years older than her. The following year, 1899, Guinevere is enumerated as the single parent of Anna May and the infant, Hiatt Mahee. Without any evidence to the contrary, it’s reasonable to conclude that Hiatt was fathered by his mother’s husband, Charles Mahee.

  18. I noticed Vestina Gossett great-great-grandfather is Charles Mahee. I also am a great-great grandchild of Charles Mahee. Could you confirm if his birth year is 1820 and married to Gueneivive??? Enowacomme? Also, would you know his date of death.
    I’m trying to tie him into my mother’s grandfather Hiatt Mahee married to Vestina Murray.

    If you have any leads please let me know. Is it possible for me to get in contact with Vestina gossett.

  19. BrokenClaw says:

    I would be glad to add your family. I will contact you via email.

  20. Vestina Gossett says:

    How would I go about adding family members to your database of the Mahee family line of the Otoe-Missouria Tribe? My great-great-grandfather is Charles Mahee.

  21. Chewhonecoul says:

    AHO! Darihga Baxoje-Jiwere ihach^e hagu^da ke. Waka^da mi ke irigrada hne ke: u^ta/ix^a hne ke. Hi kiwara ra mi ne ke, Sunje Hga hi gane ke. Taje dahga Ha we pi ke Wa^shige Ukeni Wiyawe AHU KA n JE Nawo nuwe is two roads only one way to Christ . from Jim. Karanikolaou

  22. BrokenClaw says:

    The earliest tribal census I have is dated 1886, on which Sam Black is enumerated as Ho-mar-su-ga. At that time he was already 27 years old with a wife and daughter. So I don’t have any documentation about his parents or siblings. It is this type of “arbitrary” surnames that makes native ancestry so difficult to document.

  23. S. Black says:

    I am an Otoe member. My great grandfather was named Sam Black. I was told of four brothers given the last names of Black, Green , Brown and Atkins. This generates back to when the government was giving last names. Do you know of any documents going back to this era.

  24. Misty Sallee says:

    Looking for geaneology and Grandmother Leatha Ward born 2-25-23 I believe. I am also wanting to find out how to look up the otoe indian role if possible.

    Thanks you

  25. Angela Dwyer says:

    I have a Corbett C. White b. abt 1914, son of Robert “Ervin” White b. 1892 AR d. 1980 Miller AR wife Sarah E ____. Grandson of Buck White of Texarkana AR wife Frances “Frankie” Loraina Attaway b. 1874 Texarkana Bowie Co TX. I am wondering if there is a connection. Thank you.

  26. DON CHILDS says:

    i am related to minnie saunders as she has children living in pawnee, oklahoma
    at this writing. her husband was james peters and he was a member of the
    pawnee tribe.

  27. Gerri Lunn says:

    Hi, I just wanted to give you an update on the Clifton/Wallingford family.
    ID 10961 James Day Wallingford b. 31-Mar-43 d. 30-Dec-2006. My Uncle Jim Passed away in Canyon Country, Ca. I have been slow getting this to you, sorry.
    Your website is beautiful and so full of interesting information. I use it often to learn more about my heritage and to help the kids understand their heritage. You have done alot of hard work and I applaud you!
    Gerri Lunn

  28. Beth says:

    I am inquiring about the name of my GGrand parents trying to figure out how to say it and the meanings they was given Christain names as well His Christain name was William Basset Mo- Ke- Che- Na my GGrandmother was called Esther Chi- He- Tai- E- Me
    I am also trying to find out what happened ot them and so many of the people my grandmother was born in [1981?app.] and by 1907 she and many other was listed as orphans do you have any idea about this, I am also trying to find out information on Mary saunders also born same year as my grandmother and later a listing of Minnie Saunders I have to wonder if the same Minnie Saunders is also related to me thank you for your time many blessings

  29. BrokenClaw says:

    No matter where you post an inquiry such as this, you need to include some birth dates, even if estimated, especially with such a common surname. There are probably hundreds of Dorcas Johnsons. Nevertheless, I think I have found your family on the 1930 census of Bartonville, Limestone Twp, Peoria County, Ill:

    Winona Birgam, Indian, age 8, born in Missouri, one of five children of Charles and Dorcas Birgam. Dorcas Birgam, Indian, age 30, born in Oklahoma, wife of Charles Birgam, White, age 48, born in Virginia.

    In fact, your grandmother’s family is enumerated on RootsWeb.com. That’s always a good place to start anyway.

  30. Elaine Trebisoski says:

    my great-grandmother lived at the Otoe Reservation Noble OK. Dorcas Edna Johnson. Her parents are Silas Arthur Johnson and Anna L Crow. She had my grandmother at home. I can’t find a birth certificate for her Winona Wanda Johnson(Birgam). I can’t find who her father is and where she was born.

    Can someone help me. She is on the roll books for the Seneca of Cayuga OK.

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