Plaxico Burress, just a regular guy

Posted By BrokenClaw on August 28, 2009

When Plaxico Burress was first indicted on weapons charges in New York City, he pleaded Not Guilty (I still don’t understand the difference between pleaded, plead, and pled) . I guess he and his lawyer were going to claim that someone stole Plaxico’s pistol, then stuck it down and his pants and shot him.

Okay, so later they got back to reality and changed the plea to Guilty and took a plea bargain, for which Burress was sentenced to about two years, which is normal for NYC. Afterward, Jeremy Schaap of ESPN interviewed Burress, who said, in reference to the pistol:

It wasn’t like I was trying to hide it or go into this place and go through security. They knew I had it, they pat me down and they said, ‘OK.’ They let me in, with it.

First of all, they had to pat him down. Does that mean he first tried to get into the club without revealing that he had it? Regardless, after they saw the gun, the security guards let him in. Is that normal practice at NYC nightclubs? If you go to a nightclub, should you assume that some patrons are packing heat? Did Plaxico routinely carry his pistol? Is that how Plax rolls?

Whenever celebrities get in trouble for carrying a handgun, they always say it’s for self-defense. But professional athletes and entertainers are the only millionaires who feel compelled to carry a weapon themselves, rather than hiring a professional body guard. Can anyone recall a story in which a pro athlete averted a crime against himself or others because he was carrying a weapon? I don’t think so. Jeremy Schaap didn’t ask any of these questions. I thought of them as I was watching the interview. Why didn’t Schaap think of them?


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