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  1. DANA HORNER says:


  2. Danielle(Kott) Triplie says:

    Greetings Broken-Claw, My name is Danielle (Kott)Triplie, I recently had a family member do my family history because Ive always been told I have Indian blood in my paternal family! Last year I recieved a thick binder of my family history. Im trying to find pictures of my several times over Grandfather Antione Gokey of the Chippewa Tribe. He was one of the main people at the Treaty signing of 1859, I truely want to see photos and get as much history as I possibly can. Thank you sooo much for being who you are, and helping us with intrest find more info. Good day and God Bless

  3. Theresa Mills says:

    What Clan was Rosa Littlecrow of The Otoe-Missouria Tribe?

  4. anita rose pierce says:

    that is not wht is meant to say. and i feel i do not have to explain myself.
    I do not want to be a person tht is wht and who knows tht i am prt indian. my brother prooved it. but it is just a little bit. I just want to connect with people who are the same. I do not want to claim tht i am indain because i cannot stand when someone claims they r indian but thet r not.

  5. Jeff and Annie Rocheleau says:

    My wife is half BlackFoot Indian, but does not have the paperwork to
    prove it. Her parents are gone so to try and get the paperwork that
    way is out. Is there any way possible to find possible paperwork, or
    is there a blood test that she can take to provide some type of proof?
    My wife’s dad’s last name was Mcinnis. If you have any idea’s or know
    of any avenues to take, could you please point us in the right
    direction. Thank you for your time.

    Jeff and Annie Rocheleau

  6. Robert Sweney says:

    Aloha Broken Claw ,
    What a wonderful historical account you have provided , I am a great+++ grandson to Joseph Robidoux the 3rd. I had herd only a very brief story of him and nothing of the rest of the family . Thankyou for doing such a complet reserch of them and to include them in your web site . What a story …….
    Aloha Nui ,
    Robert Sweney

  7. jennifer Gammill says:

    Great work with the site! Lots of information. Last July /09 my family- Ely- (descdendants of Sam and Mary ) attended the encampment for the first time in 30yrs. The one question we were ask alot was, “What clan are you?”. Well I have no clue. We were told many things growing up. One lady did tell me the Elys were and have always been Owls. Do you know if this is true and is there anyway to recearch it? most of the Items do not list the clan information. Thank you.

    • BrokenClaw says:

      Jennifer, unfortunately, clan affiliation was not recorded on the tribal censuses. As far as I know, the only time that a family’s clan is documented is when someone reports their own family history, or includes it in an obituary or on a gravestone. In other words, it’s just one of those things that people “know”.

      However, in 1880, James Dorsey wrote a partial census of the Otoe-Missouria in Nebraska and included clan affiliations on that report. I can tell you that Sam Ely is recorded there in the following manner:
      “Tu(Mo) Hau-we-no-we… Two Days… Sam Ely… stepson of Mun-che-han-che”.
      What that means is that Sam Ely was Bear Clan (Tunapi) of the Missouria, and his Indian name, more commonly spelled How-a-no-wa, means Two Days.

      Adding to the confusion is that there was another person, Louis Ely, of similar age, but I have not been able to discern how or if he was related to Sam Ely. It’s possible that the Louis Ely family is Owl clan, but I have no documentation of that either way.

      Hope that helps.

  8. Gene DeLaney says:

    I just found your site today and very excited with what little I have read so far. My brother and I are wanting to identify our family history on our father’s side. In the early 80′s my father found his biological mother and sisters. He was put up for adoption when he was four and is 71 now. Their story made the Oklahomian newspaper when they reunited. He told me his mother and father was both Cherokee Indian, which is how I found your site through goggle under ‘Am I part Cherokee’ . I did find the uncle my dad claims is his, Tom Hand, on the Cherokees by Blood rolls. His roll number is 19173. But here is what prompted to write you. Where do I go now to prove indeed this is my father’s uncle or great-uncle more likely? This question might be premature since I have not read your full website but any assistance would be greatly appreciated, Sincerely Gene

  9. SSJ says:

    I wanted to thank you for all the hard work you have put into this. It is astounding and full of information. I’ve been able to track father’s family as far back as great-great-grandparents with very little effort. Again, thank you!

  10. blackwolf says:

    i’m am from the munsee band of delaware indians my great granfather was chief of muncey of the thames(willis henry logan) and my great grandmother was mary white and that is all i know ,can you help me find more history on my family

  11. Ginger Chandler says:

    I’am looking for information on my great-grandmother. Mary Magoon she was born 1870 and died 1948. She was Chippewa, and I think part of the franklin tribe, but did not move , she stayed in Michigan. Her tribe traveled to Canada in summer and in Michigan in the winters. All I am able to find is her name on a 1920 Census, at which time she settled in Muskagan Michigan shortly after that all her children ( my grandmother too!) Were taken away by government and but on work farm. I know were her grave is. This short statement is all I know. Any information would be greatly wecomed. Thank you!!

  12. Dawn Briner says:

    I just want to thank you for posting my grandson’s obituary to your website. My daughter(in-law) called me this morning to tell me about it. She was very pleased the someone would notice her son this way.

    I went to the page that she directed me to and I too was very pleased with the information and the layout. I don’t know who you are, but I am happy to know that someone out there is paying attention. Thanks again.

  13. carla melton says:

    Hello! I really appreciate your website. Do you know where William Hurr, Ottawa, is buried?

  14. Edward Finley says:

    Hello. Iam trying to find the link between my family and the Cherokee Nation.
    Myself and my two daughters visited the reservation in 2005. At that time I began
    to become inthrawlled in finding out which Finley married into the nation, or
    who was the Indian madden who married a Finley. Thank you so very much.

    May your search be as great and mighty as the eagle that soars in the wind, and as fast as the mightyest river that flows like the blood of our forefathers.

  15. Renee L. Waring says:

    Looking for those interested in a Susquehannock Fire Ring or Powwow for the descendants. It’s time we are recognized and stories were shared. It’s time we came out of the shadows and proudly proclaimed “Here we are, we have never been lost or all killed off” as the white would have others believe. If you are interested in such an event please send me a note so I have a hard signed record to show to financial backers for the event.

    Renee L. Waring aka Renee My Frande
    PO Box 33
    Manchester, PA 17345

    • Rick Harding says:

      Family oral history says that we had Moravian Indian ancestry from Lancaster Co., Pa. I assumed Delaware/Lenape, since most of the Moravian Indians were from those nations. At least in Pa. I have not found any record of Delaware Moravians in Lancaster though. Only the Conestoga. Any one know of Conestoga survivors into the late 1700′s.?

  16. Theda GoodFox Kresge says:

    Requesting permission to use your picture of the former dining hall bldg. in an announcement of a “Gravy Reunion” to be held July 4, 2009. The reunion will be held in the former dining hall; the college president gave us permission to use it.

    The Gravy Reunion begins around 12:30 p.m. and continues in the afternoon. We have no idea how many Gravy survivors remain – but are hopeful we have attendees.

    Thank you.

    Theda GoodFox Kresge [Gravy grad. of 1946]
    Casa Grande, AZ

  17. Shawn Hughes says:

    I’m not sure where to go for help. My great grandmother was born in in missouri in 3/4/1872 her maiden name was Annie Mae Mills . My mother is wanting me to trace our ancestory and I am not sure how to prove what tribe we originated from . We belief from waht we have been told that Grandmother may have been otoe. Can you please help me.

  18. Ryan says:

    Can I identify with Native American Indian spirituality ?
    What shared belief could I have with them ?

    Answer: In chapter 16, verse 5 of the Book of Revelation the angel of water speaks.
    The Pawnee Indian tribe have the name Chahuru for the spirit of water.

    So we have a shared belief in the angel/spirit of water (and perhaps other American Indian tribes do also).
    A Christian.

  19. Ceeny says:

    Hi, my name is Celyna (Yellowfish) Morales. My maternal grandfather was the late William F. DeRoin. I found your website today and I sent the URLs to the rest of my (on-line) family. In your genealogy tab, I was able to link to my mother (Cornelia Mae DeRoin Yellowfish), and we can provide the rest of our family tree if you care to go into more detail. My mom was a member of the Mormon church and had a detailed genealogy tree she researched herself.

    Thank you for sharing this information with us.

  20. jamie says:

    Hello and thank you so much for publishing this site. It has been informative and helpful. I moved here from Massachusetts last year and saw too late that there was an indoor Pow Wow in Bel Air in January. I don’t see it listed again for this year. Do you know if they will be holding it??

  21. Petra Chevalier says:

    Hi Sam,
    My great,great grandmother was Mary Jane Bradford born in 1859 Indiana on 3/14.
    She died 7/08/1929 in Ashland, OR. She was my grandmother’s, Gladys Leora Dial’s, grandmother. Mary Jane’s daughter was named Mary Alice Childers and Mary Alice was my great grandmother. Mary Jane’s husband was John Riley Childers. I have been searching for the link to our cherokee heritage and have been told it was from a cherokee woman to whom Daniel Boone had a short relationship with in his early years of marriage to Rebecca Bryan. We don’t know the cherokee woman’s name. I do know that my great grandmother, Mary Alice was won in a card game at the tender age of 13. She married Walter Osker Dial and then my grandmother Gladys and her siblings came along. If you know any information on who Daniel Boone was affiliated to during his early years of marriage, I would greatly appreciate any feedback. If we could establish the link between Mary Jane Bradford and the woman Daniel Boone knew, maybe we could find out who started our cherokee heritage.
    Thank you Sam and with the same last name as Mary Jane, maybe we are related also!

  22. Nikki says:

    I went on and found the picture. I am so grateful you took all those.
    Thank you.

  23. Nikki says:

    I would be like a photo of the grave marker for Fred Ward and Katie (Barnes) Ward.

    This website is wonderful! This is a side of my family that I didn’t know much about and this has been a great resourse and has opened a lot of doors.

    Thank you so much!

  24. Judy Benarrous says:

    I am a great-great-grand-daughter of Samuel Nisley and Maria Shaffner and was really pleased to find additional info on your website. Their son, John Frederick Nisley, moved west to Nebraska and settled in Dawson County. I appreciate the winter photo of the cemetery. One of the other sons had Otterbein as a middle name and I wonder where that comes from.

  25. Frankie Stevenson says:

    I was looking through your survey listing and found my great grandfather, Frank Pettit, you mentioned you could provide photo’s of the stone? If so i would greatly appreciate it. I am doing research to find my father’s family whom i have not had contact with in over ten years. Your help would be greatly appreciated!!! You mentioned you were there for a family reunion, may i ask which family? Thankyou!!!

    • BrokenClaw says:

      Frankie, I will email you the link to the photo on Our family reunion was for the descendants of Dewey Dailey.

  26. Brenda McGrain says:

    I would like to thank you for supplying this wonderful information. I am attending University and currently in a cultural diversity class. We have been assigned a paper about a minority group, and I have chosen to write about the Susquehannok people. Since I am from Maryland, I was particularly interested in our local native people. There is limited information available about these people, and your Web site has certainly helped me with my assignment. Not only is your site informative, but has prompted me to learn even more about the Susquehannok and visit some local places where I can learn more. Thank you again for this eye-opening experience!

  27. Sandra says:

    You have put together a wonderful history. I wish this was my Martin Shaffner ancestor.

  28. Ann Sanders says:

    I too am of otoe blood. My grandmother is Mildred M. Hudson. I would like a picture of Ennis Olen’s gravestone please.

  29. Golden D Moore says:

    Hello, my name is golden moore i am half navajo and otto. i am looking for my aunti Berverly Lowe, i belive she lives n tellequah Ok . i haven’t seen her n 12 years. By any chance can u help me locate her. i talk her 2 years ago and lost contact with her. i told her that i was going out to oklahoma to visit her but never made the trip.

  30. V. Gookin says:

    I would like a picture of the gravestone of
    Joseph Jones on there it reads: Illeg-Sept. 8, 1908

    Thank you so much

  31. Carla Melton says:

    Hello! I am the grand daughter of Raymond Hurr, great grand daughter of Nicodemus Hurr, and the great, great grand daughter of William Hurr, Chief of Ottawa Tribe. William Hurr is in the Smithsonian as a famous Indian. My Aunt recently found that my great grandmother, Irene H. Hurr, daughter of George W. Finley, married my Great grandfather, Nicodemus Hurr. I recently received copies of letters written by my Great Grandfather, Nicodemus, who was the Principal of the White Earth Indian School in Minnesota. Do you have access to any of these. Are these copies of interest to you? He is asking to borrow $100 to return to Miami, Oklahoma to receive treatment for his wife’s illness. Per records obtained by my Aunt, it appears that Florence H. Finley Hurr is Nicodemus’ wife. The 1910 Census Ottawa County Oklahoma shows Florence H. Hurr, 29 years old and then lists her children, Irene Hurr, Bruce Hurr, Raymond Hurr, my Grandpa, Bennie Hurr. It shows head of household George W. Finley and Nora B. Finley. George W. Finley who was a Native American as well. Also, Catherine Caleb , a Munsee, is the mother of my great grandfather,Nicodemus Hurr . My great grandfather, Nicodemus Hurr, is in a photo taken by the Moravians as well. Do you have any information to help my in my geneaology search? Sincerely, Carla Melton

    • BrokenClaw says:

      I found the 1910 census page you cited. However, it appears that Florence was not the daughter of George Finley, but was the daughter of Mrs. Finley from a previous marriage. Florence is enumerated as George’s step-daughter, and her children are enumerated as his step-grandchildren. So far I have been unable to locate them on the 1900 census.

  32. Nani Galolo says:

    Hello Brokenclaw,
    Since I have started researching my Indian heritage, I have found valuable information on your website. I commend you for your extensive work which has made my research “easier”. My question at this time: My mother, Iola Plumley Seymour, is celebrating her 80th birthday and I would like to put “Happy Birthday” in Otoe (Chiwere) on her cake. I have not been able to find a translation of this and am hoping that you will be able to provide me with this. (Mom is Earl Plumley’s niece). Thanks again for all your hard work.

    BrokenClaw’s reply:
    I do not profess to be an expert on pronunciation or grammar, but I do have a copy of Jimm Good Track’s dictionary. All I can do is put the two words together for you. “Happy Birthday” in Chiwere would be “Giro hañye-tuñye”. The first g is hard, as in gear. The final -e in the other two parts would be pronounced like a long -a.

  33. Mike Haefner says:

    1. Thank you for your excellent web-site.

    2. I attended the 2008 encampment and enjoyed it.

    3. I have Otoe blood, that comes from my grandmother, Avalina Graham who passed away this year and was mentioned in the offical program.

    4. Her mother was Katie B. Ward (Barnes) and Father was Fred Ward. I am very proud of the little OTOE Blood that flows through my veins. I would like to do more research, and have many unanswered questions, such as which clan does my family line come from? What is the history of these proud people? Who can I contact and where do I begin? I understand that my great-grandfather Fred Ward was of the Chippewa Tribe. I am also interested in this as well.

    I was very touched by many of the comments made at the encampment. I would like to learn. If you could point me in the right direction I would be forever grateful.


    Mike Haefner

  34. R.J. Kihega says:

    Hi i was just researching my last name and of course your blog come up, just wanted to let you know that i have done much research and my father the late Roger Lee Kihega, was a member of our tribal council on the Otoe-Missouria Board. Are you otoe?

  35. Bonnie Zondory-Surfield says:

    I would like to thank you for this site. My husband and I have recently become den leaders of our local Cub Scout Pack and we have been looking for anything to get the pack back to “basics”. This info. is so needed to make the Wolves and Bears come alive again. Keep up the excellent work!

    Bonnie Zondory-Surfield
    Wolf Den Leader, Pack #780

  36. kris says:

    hi i’m decended from Mestizo tribe , my family from central america

    where can i meet with other older teens and young adults who are also native american? i live in maryland and would like to join message boards and everything

  37. Beth says:

    Hello I resently found information on my grandmother and her parents names, could you perhaps help me learn how to say them and the meanings? Blessings
    May You Always Walk In beauty


    BROKEN CLAW, I honor you for your work in helping people find their true roots—-thank you and may the GREAT SPIRIt and the MIGHTY ONE GOD bless you in all you do. Lydia (Adkins) Simpson


    I am trying to find out where to start to get true verification of my Native American ancestry. My great-grandmother was from Tennessee, her maiden name was Martha Jane Hawkins—–her husband, my great grandad was Franklin Adkins—-his father was John Phillip Adkins from Fentress County , Tennessee—I have been told that the Hawkins’ s were of Native descent,, and also John Phillip’s wife’s people(she was Mary Rhodes)—I know that great-grandfather came from Tennessee originally, as did his wife—-is their any way you can help me get started without me having to pay outrageuous fees? i am very sincerely interested in finding a legitimate connection with my Native ancestors.

  40. Richard Caw says:

    Hello, my name is Richard Caw. I’m looking into the heritage of my family for my family we originated from St Joseph Missouri my fathers name is Russell G Caw. I have just recently learned of the broken claw, I am told that I am the great-great-grandson of James Whitecloud . I have never known of much of my heritage I have been trying to find information in Missouri and Whitecloud Kansas and have found verry little I here of many of the tribe members were moved to Oklahoma I have just learned of this any information you might possibly have would be very helpful or any information anyone else can supply me with would be very appreciatedI can be reached at you,
    -Richard Caw

  41. Ms. Billie Tohee says:

    Broken Claw, I’m glad to meet you and your website is very interesting! I’d like to comment that my maternal grandfather, Charley Kihega and his wife, my grandmother, Julia Whitecloud Kihega were both full blood Ioway Indians. The same is for my Tohee ancestors, my grandfather, David Tohee and great grandfather, Big Dave Tohee, were also full blood Ioway. My parents were William Tohee, deceased and Anna Kihega Tohee, deceased. I hope there is some way you can make these corrections/notations to show my grandparents, Charley and Julia Kihega and David Tohee were all full blood Ioway. My maternal grandmother, Meta Muskagaha was Otoe. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you regarding my comment.

    BrokenClaw’s reply:
    Actually, I already have all of them properly identified as Ioway. I know the genealogy page can be a bit confusing. If you look at the page for Charles Kihega, you can see the line that is labeled Nationality: Ioway. That is where I identify each person’s tribe. The ID number has no official significance, it is just the index number from my genealogy program.

  42. Sandy Kuehler says:

    I am doing family research for a friend and I have found so much information on her family from your web site. I want to thank you for all the work you have done which has made my work easier. My friends father is Ennis Olen Hudson and her great great grandfather is Richard Whitehorse. I would greatly appreciate it if you could e-mail me the pictures you have of the following gravestones.
    Ennis Olen Hudson
    Herbert Hudson
    Thelma (Grant) Hudson
    John Hudson
    Julia (Whitehorse) Jones
    Mary E. G. McGlaslin
    Richard Whitehorse
    I need to check with my friend before I can give you her name and other information. I will pass it on to you if she okays it. Thanks again for all your work. Sandy

    BrokenClaw’s reply:
    All of the gravestone photos are on my Flickr site, but I will email you the links to your specific ones.

  43. My grandfather spent years going over our family line and found that Joseph Robidoux was our great (I don’t know how many) uncle. My grandfather’s mother was a Robidoux and my grandfather, father, and brother have all been given the name of Robidoux. However, they are Gilbert Robidoux Grady, with Robidoux being the middle name. My question is this – I lived in Plattsmouth Ne. about 10 years ago because my husband was stationed at Offutt Air Force Base. While out there I found one reference about Joseph that said that he had a run in with Lewis and Clark where he locked one of the traders in a basement so he could not compete with him at one of the fur auctions in St. Joe. It also said that he had MANY American Indian babies out of wedlock. Do you know anything about this? I also want to say that you really did an amazing job finding out about him. I have never seen that much information on him. It was really fascinating. My email is I would love to hear back from you. By the way, I don’t really have a website, I just wanted you to know what the subject was.

    Sincerely yours,

    Rebecca Jones

  44. Maria says:

    Hello, I have been into American Indian stuff since I was 15 years old. I am know 23yrs old. . I am part American Indian, but don’t know what tribe. I really want to be in it and practice, Feel free to let me know by email.

  45. Renee says:

    Just happened to stumble onto the info you had about Shaffners. I’m a descendant of Frederick Shaffner who married Catherine Deibler. From there to the Branns. My father was Oscar Zellman Brann. I noticed you did not have his death date which was 30 November 1989. Also Rudolph C.’s middle name is Campbell. If you would like to contact me, I probably have some dates and names you could use. Thanks for the informative website. I found out things I didn’t know.

  46. Thank you for maintaining such a valuable website. I have visited your rootsweb links often and had returned here to pass on info about my parents deaths. Surprisingly you had already included these facts. You are on your game! Thank you.

  47. melvin lee stanley jr says:

    I just arrived in Sayre,Oklahoma today. We plan on being in Ponca City tomorrow and then on to Red Rock where i hope to look up relitives and would like to meet with you if you are avaiable.I am a decendent of the Otoe tribe,now simi retired and lookin for my past history.

    BrokenClaw’s reply:
    Thanks for writing. I’m sorry, but I do not live in Oklahoma. I have been working on the Otoe-Missouria genealogy for quite a few years, but it’s been done mostly online, by corresponding with people like you. Perhaps when you have time, after your travels, we could correspond a bit more so you can tell me about your father and your family, so that I can add more information to the genealogy.

  48. vickie stillman says:

    my great grandfather was emmett john munsee i do not know much about him except that he had 2 children, one john emmett munsee born 1922 and my grandfather, bernard francis munsee born 1924. He left my great grandmother around 1924 and was never heard from again. Thery were born in new jersey i think. I know he was ran out of orange new jersey around 1924. I am stuck and i don’t know where to look. Can you help me?

    BrokenClaw’s reply:
    This website is concerned with the Munsee tribe of American Indians. I have no insight into the Munsee surname as you describe. Nevertheless, I did a quick search on the census records and on the Internet, but I couldn’t find anything for your Emmett John Munsee, other than your same inquiries elsewhere.

  49. Janna Cassidy says:

    I am a descendant of Adam Mark who I see on your ancestry chart. Based on some work my grandmother had done years ago it appears that I am descended from Catherine Mark (daughter of Adam Mark and Margaritta Miller). I found your website to be very interesting. All I had is a few pieces of information. Thank you. Feel free to write.

    Thanks, Janna (Edmonds, WA)

  50. Luke Beatson says:

    Hello BROKEN CLAW my name is Luke, i am Australian born part Chikasaw man 32 years old living in Perth Western Australia. I hope to find some friends who are Native American lineage here in Australia, if you know of other N.A. Australians please forward my email address to them on my behalf, I would greatly appreciate that. I realy enjoyed reading your story. May peace reign for all of us. PLease forward my email address to Victoria also Bro.

  51. Victoria says:

    Greetings, I love your website. I am a decendant of the Susquehannock Tribe. I have heard all the old stories about the Paxtons and the extinction of the last members of the tribe. My family still reside in Lancaster County just off the Mason Dixon Line. We are decendants of Gus Peartree (full blooded Susquehannock)
    If anyone wants to share information email me.

    Note from BrokenClaw: If anyone is interested in contacting Victoria, I can forward your email address to her.

  52. cathy wagner says:

    I found you article very interesting. My mother went to An indian boarding school in red rock , oklahoma as well. I am half otoe-missouri and am also registered with the tribe. My mother and her family are all in Oklahoma still and most on the res.

    Thank you for the interesting article.

  53. Sunshine says:

    I live not to far from you in Northern Virginia. I am searching out my Indian heritage but am finding nothing on a tribe that have assimilated into African Americans with last names as Harris, Naylor, and Robinson. I did find that in the early 1900′s anyone saying they were Indian either were jail or kill. I will continue the search nevertheless. That is only part of the reason I am contacting you. Having Indian ancestry in my Spirit I am direct to make a dress of white hide. I have the hide but wondering how to make a dress correctly without using today instruments. How did the women cut the hide to make dresses, moccasins, bags, etc.?

    BrokenClaw’s reply:
    I am not an expert on native dress or technology. In a general sense, Native Americans were considered “Stone Age” people. Most of their fabricating tools were made of stone or bone. However, when the technology of metallurgy was introduced by the earliest European explorers, it was quickly adopted by all Native Americans. So the short answer to your question is: Prior to European contact, they used sharpened stone or bone. After European contact they used a knife. The scissors, as we know it today, is a modern invention.

  54. Eulala Pegram says:

    Can you tell me whether Chief Shunatona is Otoe or Pawnee? I want to use the story about Great Horse and cannot find the tribe for Shunatona. Thank you.

  55. Will (William) C Shaffner says:

    This is fanasiting information that I accidentially stumbled on. Not sure if we are actually related but I felt compelled to drop you a note.

    You have my name, and I thought I would share a bit more information. I have six (6) sibilings, 3 brothers & 3 sisters. My father was born in Chicago and this is really the only information I have on my father’s dad (my grandfather)

    Drop me a note sometime and we can share information.

  56. Renee L. Waring says:

    I am a descendant of the Wolf clan of the Lenape tribe of Pennsylvania (Chief Bald Eagle’s people) through my ancester (Hannah Spots) who was full blooded as well as the Susquehannocks of Pennsylvania. If there is anyone who would like to contact me about these two tribes I would love to talk. I also have a recipe for tanning hides that was passed down through the family from Hannah that I am willing to share.

    Renee L. Waring

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